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Jessica, or anyone who has used her earth science plans

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Here are the earth science spine options:

Usborne's First Encyclopedia of Our World

Kingfisher First Encyclopedia of Science

World and Space (Childcraft)

or The Geography Book by Caroline Arnold (includes text & experiments)


space spine options

Usborne First Encyclopedia of Space

A Child's Introduction to the Night Sky

World & Space (Childcraft)

The Space Book by Robert McCrutcheon


Experiments, Activities:

Hands-On Earth Science

Seeing Stars

Professor Noggin Space game



101 Science Poems and Songs


There are vocabulary words and scientist profiles as well. Then there's a list of living books that you can pick from for each week to check out from the library. It is topic oriented so if you want to use different spines you can, it is worth purchasing just for the living book list of books for each week, I priced it pretty cheap at Lulu.

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This plan is for how many weeks ? And do you have the scope and sequence as well ?


Also, the human body lesson that you sell ... how does it differ from the human body lesson you're currently doing with your daughter ? Do you use the same spine ?



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The earth science lessons are 18 lessons, space is 10 lessons but it is open ended to learn about asteroids, comets and NASA. There are notebooking pages also included.


The life science at Lulu is WTM suggestion based with everything scheduled out, it uses the Kingfisher First Human Body Encyclopedia for human body. I incorporated projects, review cards and other things into the lessons, really just provided exactly what we did.


We have chosen to revisit the human body this year in 3rd with a deeper focus and those lessons are at my blog for free although they aren't formatted like the ones at Lulu. None of the books we've used this year are recommended in WTM and we're only studying Human Body and Botany this year instead of combining the subjects with Animals.

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