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Please list your favorite books series for 11yo and 7 yo girls.

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We have a family member who wants to buy a book series for girls. She's mentioned The Babysitters Club and The Magic Treehouse.


We have most of The Little House books and the Narnia series (my eldest won't read them, too scary.)


I'm embarrassed to say I really don't know what book series are good reads. So please list away!!!



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Dd is 6.5 and a very strong reader. Some series she loves...


Ramona books by Beverly Cleary. Probably her very favorites -- she reads them over and over. Probably appealing to 7 *and* 11yos...


Betsy books by Carolyn Haywood. Sweet, old-fashioned, funny... Probably more for your younger one. Starts with "B is for Betsy"


Ivy & Bean books by Annie Barrows. For the younger one. Bean is very naughty. Dd loves her. ;)


Sarah, Plain and Tall (first of a series) by Patricia MacLachlan. Beautiful books appropriate for 7-11. No naughty children, just sweet and haunting.


Mrs. Piggle Wiggle books by Betty MacDonald. Funny, silly, great for reminding kids what their behaviors can look like from the outside.


doll books by Rumer Godden. These aren't a series, but various books Rumer Godden wrote about dolls' lives/thoughts.


Half Magic and sequels by Edward Eager. Not specifically "girl" books, but a fun series.


A more contemporary series they might enjoy is The Mysterious Benedict Society. There is a little bit of scariness there -- though perhaps not as intense as some of the scenes in Narnia. Mostly kids working together to use their wits and various gifts to outwit the villain.


And dd loves the American Girl books. If you're looking for series, these are nice.

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Agreeing w/ those series already mentioned....


Additional ideas:


The Unicorn's Secret & various Hoofbeats series, all by Kathleen Duey


Catwings series by Ursula Le Guin


Royal Diaries series (YMMV)


Redwall series (but may be too 'scary' if Narnia is too 'scary')


Encyclopedia Brown -- not necessarily a series, but still may be of interest

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I agree with all the recommendations and wanted to add, "Anne of Green Gables" for your 11 year old. I LOVED them when I was her age.


The other series my 9 year old likes is, "Judy Moody," and the "Warriors" series. All I really understand about "Warriors" is, it's about feral cats that live in tribes. Yes, it's twaddle, but I think everyone needs a little twaddle in their lives sometimes.:D


And, both my girls LOVE the Tinkerbell series that the movies are about. We have the original hardbacks, but my girls said the paperbacks are the same stories.


Merry Christmas!

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I'll second the Catwings series by Ursula LeGuin. Read those repeatedly when girls were younger.


Even though these are not specifically targeted toward girls, one of my daugthers collected and read all the Hank the Cowdog series. They're good on CD too.


We adored the Geronimo Stilton series for younger set. Youngest dyslexic child also liked the very easy to read Junie B Jones books and later the Amber Brown books followed by Princess School books.

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books - learn quite a bit about animal behaviors through the characters (personified) in his stories!


Jumping in to say that I"m so happy that someone is still reading the Thornton Burgess books! My MIL's father was a dear friend of Thornton and the two spent many hours together walking in the woods, hiking and fishing. There's a family photo of dh's grandfather, Thornton Burgess and a woodchuck whom they taught to eat out of their hands. Johnny Chuck, perhaps?


I"ll tell my MIL that your dd enjoys them; it will warm her heart!


Happy Reading!


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