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need book/gift suggestions for my 3 kids who are "content with what they have."

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My dear children - so sweet. The relatives are asking for gift ideas for the kids and I am really having trouble.


DD8 said that the only thing she wants for Christmas is a "Papa ham". When I questioned her, she meant that she wanted a ham that Papa cooks - he makes a GREAT ham! Otherwise, she said she has so much that she really doesn't need anything. She loves dogs (we don't have one ... yet), books - read most of the Little House on the Praire ones, fashion - has a design kit from hearthsong already. Any new books out that she would like? She read Brissngr (with a little help) in about 3 weeks, but that was a challenge. I would like something easier for her.


DS12 said that he was "rather content" when I asked him what he wants for Christmas. He couldn't think of anything. He said I should put down a new lego set - he said that he has a ton of them, but it might make the giver feel better:lol: He loves books with humor. We are reading the 2nd book in the Percy Jackson series (The Lightning Thief) He loves to draw and does some cartooning. He has developed a comic strip with two main characters. It basically reminds me of a cross between Brewster Rocket and Calvin and Hobbs. We have drawing materials since we participate in an art club. Any books? Any must have toys? I don't want to promote any more computer time, so no game suggestions unless they are too good to pass up.


DS15 is an enigma. He just grunts or shrugs goodnaturedly when I ask him for gift ideas. He is in boy scouts and will be going to Philmont this summer. He also loves to read - it is actually a compulsion for him and draw.

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You have lovely children :iagree:


Has your 8yo read Holly Clause? Here: http://www.amazon.com/Legend-Holly-Claus-Andrews-Collection/dp/0060585110/ref=ed_oe_h


(BTW...can anyone tell me how to embed the link in a different description??_


It's a beautiful book in hardcover...dark blue with gold accents and a lovely story to boot.


I'll try to think of others but this just popped into my mind.



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DD8 might enjoy a prarie-style bonnet if anyone is crafty enough to make one. They are fairly simple. I made a bonnet for one dd at that age and she LOVED it. The same dd also loves dogs and has read her Dog Breeds book (those kinds of books are easy to find) to tatters.


My artist-cartoonist dd really loves the cartooning markers she got two Christmases ago, enough that she's since used some of her own money to buy more. They are quite expensive, but black and red are the colors she used the most. Also, sketch pads.


!5 y.o. might like a T with an outdoor theme, maybe his favorite animal?


Another idea--our community has a raptor rehabilitation center. Anyone who sponsors a bird gets a membership and a personal educational visit with that bird and a handler. Many centers with animals do this to help pay for the food and special habitats the animals require. That might be a good group gift, and create a wonderful memory.


Also....museum passes or membership, tickets to an event, a donation to the library, a shopping trip to choose gifts for children in need with the money that would have been spent on gifts for your dc, or gift certificates to the bookstore.


Sounds like you have lovely children. :)



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