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Accountability Thread 10/14-10/20

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Morning. I just realized that I need to have Thanksgiving plotted out by next weekend. Joy.

Today's goals:

House: chores, groceries

Gardens: none, but on Tuesday all the plants need out for watering.

Cooking: taco meat

School: schedules

Writing: continue revisions. I crossed 51,000 last night in revisions for NaNoWriMo. I'd like to pass 75,000 by Saturday if possible.

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3 hours ago, Critterfixer said:

Morning. I just realized that I need to have Thanksgiving plotted out by next weekend. Joy.

You and me both.  Though I imagine you have a lot more to do than I have: this year I'm making pies only for the day, which is at a friend's house, and turkey & any fixins will just be for us to have at home. 

Here's to a virtual cuppa while we breathe deeply and gather ourselves .  I realized  that I'm demoralized by how little forward I look forward to holidays.  On the other hand, the children enjoy them and are not being self-centered about them; one of their major holiday wishes is for me to take a week of as complete a vacation as possible. 

Today's goals are dominated by migraine.  So:

  1. manage migraine; not hurling would be lovely, bringing pain down good too
  2. fitness all around.  !!!  boys, me (what I can do with the head the way it is)
  3. school
  4. house work, holiday prep. 

This week is really more of the same.  For my week:

  1. migraine prevention once this one's gone; I'm clearly in some sort of migraine lifestyle situation these days
  2. proactive dealing with anxiety & depression
    1. avoid online news; get it from my physical sources
    2. work to accept the amount of stuff I need to do to stay healthy & non-migrainey
    3. orient toward meaningful work & joy
  3. engage school: goal is to fully & joyfully engage it, and study our days & what we do to find what works well
  4. Flylady house routines: get going, do
  5. holiday prep -- with my head the way it is, prob. go Flylady on that too.  Get Thanksgiving pie situation organized.

Blessings to all y'all today.  Be kind to yourselves. 

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Actually, I probably have less to do--but more places I'm expected to go, and I'll have to make gluten free for myself and my child and no one will be worried about contamination except me, so that's always fun. Also, boy's birthday is day after Thanksgiving, so it will be multiple days of stuff. But I'll manage.

Sorry to hear about your migraine situation! That makes it so tough to get through anything when you don't know if you'll be incapacitated by a headache!

Today's goals:

House: chores, some cleaning, probably bedroom because it's deep in here.

Cooking: breakfast for dinner, biscuits and gravy

School: usual

Gardens: none, but taking plants out for watering on Tuesday morning.

Writing: This is where it gets intense. I've got two weeks to finish my NaNoWriMo work, and I've got a revision handed back to me to work on and hopefully finish by Dec 1st. But the good thing is that if I can finally clear it off my plate, I can devote all of December to one revision and one drafting project.


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Today is lather, rinse, repeat.  And: thanks for the encouraging words! 

  1. fitness: our routines, really trying to get my stuff in despite RPG tonight; before-bed yoga for me. 
  2. house routines
  3.  holiday routines.  Ha!!! I don't have any.  😉  engage holidays, then. 
  4. school: engage our year.
  5. read some physical news/nonfiction, orient toward alleviating PTSD stuff.
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Morning!  Hope revising goes well.  All of it  😉


  1. Migraine prevention -- something aerobic, something strength-y, do best to do some yoga before bed,
  2. lifestyle stuff for anxiety/PTSD
    1. plenty of veggies & protein
    2. exercise as above
    3. orient toward meaningful work & joy: include pleasant & fun stuff; focus on doing stuff below & keeping it rewarding & enjoyable
  3. engage school -- continue doing, troubleshooting, smoothing out edges.
  4. house routines: engage them, straighten upstairs, figure out meals for Thurs & Fri + lunches
  5. holiday stuff: engage that, too.  🙂  report back with whatever I accomplished. 
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Morning. Some rain last night, but not as much as we needed.

Today's goals:

House: chores, some cleaning. Looking forward to next week off to get some deep cleaning done.

Cooking: chicken noodle soup, cornbread, something for dessert and I'm leaning toward cinnamon rolls.

Gardens: none

School: usual

Writing: I finished one revision project yesterday and started on another. Hoping to be done with all of them by the end of November. Then I get to start on drafting and one more revision project.

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Well!  Migraine prevention is going fine, but the rest feels like a hot mess.  There you are! 

Today: same.

  1. Migraine prevention: exercise, yoga, eat well.
  2. Fitness & plenty of veggies for boys & for me.
  3. School: engage!
  4. House: straighten!
  5. Holiday.  ???  maybe do at least one tiny thing???
  6. dinner: we're out of chickpeas, so no shakshuka; out of eggs, so no souffle; it'll be pasta with a red pepper/sour cream sauce and fresh veggies.  I have some frozen cookie dough I might bake into a few cookies for people.
  7. pm: piano lesson for younger.  These are enough to initiate a migraine on their own.  Ah well, maybe my head will be less pressurized when it's done  🙂 
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Morning. What a coincidence, @serendipitous journey ,we are also out of everything: no bread, no eggs, no salt! But there are leftovers.

Today's Goals:

House: chores, possibly a cleaning plan for next week--I may just wing it since I know what I need to do, just need to do it.

Gardens: watering the young bloodroots

Cooking: none--see above

School: usual

Writing: journal, all the revisions, and I need to cobble together a synopsis for one of the unfinished revision projects because someone wants to see it.

Extra: chicken food, purchase books

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