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article by one of the Jeubs (quiverful family shown on TLC years ago)


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There is a sub reddit forum that has the link to the transcript of the comments/follow up to the dad's podcast in which he claimed Cynthia was mentally ill and delusional, and the oldest teens at home came on to the podcast to defend their father. And here is the kicker, they really thought they were defending their dad and claiming everything was good at home, meanwhile having been so desensitized to physical and emotional abuse, they were admitting to and laughing about all kinds of abuse thinking it was normal. Kids being slapped repeatedly in the face over and over again, throwing silverware at children for not washing dishes, admitting that one of the sisters was self-mutilating, and they blamed it on having a rebellious sister not living at home, etc. It was gross, disgusting, and heart breaking. Jeub had to take it down within a couple of hours after putting the podcast out there because people were pretty outraged. But word press made a transcript and has it available so there isn't any hiding. The internet is forever.

If this is what they will laughingly admit to, I can only imagine what they aren't admitting.

You can find the link in bedded in the thread not very far down if you want to read it yourself. The transcript.is easy to read.

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