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Anyone in San Diego know a great hairdresser

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I just looked up that shop name, and it said Ramona. Are my eyes playing tricks.


Have you been to her shop, is it quiet and nice, is she good?


Do you live in Ramona, Julie?


Lol! {In my best creepy voice} I know where you live...

I grew up in Ramona, and all of my family and most of dh's family still lives there. In fact, you may have seen my sister's name all over town recently. She was running for (and was elected to) a seat on the Board of Ed.


I had Vanessa cut my hair when I still lived in town. I was happy with the job she did, and happier still that I didn't have to go down the hill to get my hair cut. Her shop is everything you'd think of in a small-town beauty salon, so you won't find cushy surroundings or spa-like atmosphere though.

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I am such a dork. Can I throw your name as a referral. Julie in CA. Tee Hee.


Actually, she might not remember me personally, but her family and my dh's family go way back.


And here, in front of the whole virtual world, I'm removing my cloak of anonymity to reveal that my real name is......

















Julie van Tol {ta da!}

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