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Dopesick on Hulu - anyone watching?

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Are you watching Dopesick on Hulu? I just started it. It's a little confusing with the constant switching from one time to another. It hits close to home because I have a close family member who became addicted to OxyContin. It nearly ruined his life. He's fine now and it's been 12 years since he stopped using but it always hangs over his head. It came very close to destroying his family and ending his career as a physician. 

Because he was a physician he was required by the state medical board to undergo treatment and years of counseling and mandatory drug tests. That's probably why he was able to stop using. Most people who became addicted to OxyContin didn't have those kinds of resources. He had to pay for everything himself but it was required for him to get to his medical license back. 

I also have a coworker whose wife struggled with addiction to OxyContin. They're divorced now. 

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