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Tackling Saturday


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I will go ahead and start the thread:

  • Quiet time with lectio
  • Solitary walk on our place
  • Finish 4 videos (Three done)
  • Record 4 more devotions for podcast
  • Polish and post today's blog
  • Laundry (4 loads done)
  • Loaded dishwasher, dishes by hand
  • Clean kids' bathroom
  • Clean half bath
  • Clean our bathroom
  • Straighten playroom and run Roomba
  • Straighten den and run Roomba
  • Sweep and mop
  • Update MINT
  • Text xxx about pictures for her devotion video
  • Edited and printed 6 more devotions to record for podcast tomorrow
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Good morning!

Last night we talked with the kids about going today to a festival nearby.  So, I think that will take up a good part of our day.

Ds asked me to help him look at classes for next semester, so we'll probably do that tonight after we're back. 

I'll work more on lesson plans tonight, too, as well as doing some laundry. 


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Good morning!

Our day started with having to tear apart the "office" side of the dining room, as our warrior hunter kitty had brought in her first (live, let loose for us) mouse of the season....UGH. Finally found it and were able to dispatch & dispose of it (I'm sorry y'all, but relocating them alive is not an option, lest it just return indoors again).  This cat is just not compatible with a house with a dog door. 

So, today's jobs:
...DH is out repairing (again) the "underground fence" wire that's on the privacy fence (the dog tears it), so we can put the collar back on the cat
...I have put the office back together after this morning's mouse hunt
...next up, reply to some emails that came in last night for work
....get the kids up/dressed, so we can leave on time-ish for Ren Fest
...go to RenFest and hope that the collar works (hope the cat comes in before we leave so we can get the collar on her) and we don't come home to more mice (b/c with the dogs, we have to leave the dog door open, so....)
....come home, hope there are no critters
...veg out, goof off, etc.

I've posted on FB to see if any of our local friends want a mouser. She's great, as long as a human is in charge of her comings & goings. We'll see. The kids will not be thrilled. We love this cat, but.....DH & I are both just entirely way past over this "here, I brought this mouse in for us to chase, isn't that fun?!" thing that she does. 

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Good morning everyone!! I'm getting a late start because I've stayed in the recliner too long. Anyway- here's the plan:

Launder and replace sheets

Clean the bathrooms

Figure out dinner/cook

Work in my classroom

Dust and put out fall decor

Would love to go to Hobby Lobby, but probably not going to happen

Water plants and fill birdbath-bluebirds are migrating and we had so many the other day!!

Work on the mail and shred


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1 hour ago, TravelingChris said:

So TheReader is going to RenFest and Amy- what kind of festival are you going to?

I was thinking yesterday how I wonder when the RenFest in a city about 1.5hours away is.

Well I did go back to sleep so I am happy about that.  


Nashville Renaissance Festival is every weekend in May, between Franklin and Murfreesboro on 96. Big fun!

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Happy Saturday, folks!

Wish I could say it's gonna be a slow day, but not really.


  • Caught up on online church and some other personal matters in the wee hours.
  • Slept about 4 hours.
  • Kid2 to horse riding.
  • Some pup duty.
  • Purchased a gift certificate for kid friend's birthday party.
  • Caught up on emails, calendar, news, social media, and electronic school stuff.
  • Tried to put together a load of laundry, but the shirts that need washed for tonight are MIA??

To do:

  • Kid2 from horse riding to buy birthday card to birthday party.
  • Laundry, after I get the band uniform t-shirts.
  • Make a to-do list for the weekend?
  • Log in and sign myself and the kids up for online part of CERT course ... planning to finish the online part tomorrow?
  • Make kid write down her birthday gifts so she can write thank-you cards today or tomorrow.
  • Work with Kid1 on inventorying, organizing, and purging her clothes/storage.  Assuming she doesn't have overdue homework ....
  • Pay bills, clean house, do exercise, some reading, some client work ....
  • Pick up Kid2 from birthday party.
  • Kids to "band spectacular" this evening, unless it's canceled ....
  • Whatever else gets done.
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Good morning, everyone! Thanks for starting us off, Texas Proud. 

I did sleep late and that was nice.

b'fast and coffee
AHG emails
made Ds do his math corrections
started Dd's bed linens in the wash

To do:
YNAB ✔️ 
Recycle glass ✔️ 
Make chx enchiladas
Grocery ✔️

Library ✔️ 
Take Dd and a friend to a play tonight
Make sure bathrooms get cleaned. 


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4 hours ago, ScoutTN said:

Nashville Renaissance Festival is every weekend in May, between Franklin and Murfreesboro on 96. Big fun!

Oh I have to put that on my schedule. And all my kids too since they love Ren Festival.  Though I am not sure any of them or us have been to sny since we lived in Europe.  We went to lots of them there - in actual castles and other places similar to that.  And not sure if they were really Ren festivals- I mean they wore costumes and were set 8n olden times but not necessarily in the Renessance.

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Glad some of you were able to sleep in today!

The Broadcast Museum was so interesting. So much great stuff, and a lot of it actually worked. The owners took us on a 2 1/2 hour tour. Just amazing. We then ended up just going to our favorite downtown place and eating outside on the sidewalk. The festival was about to begin down the street, but it was way too crowded for us to go. Still a nice morning.  We haven't been to a Renaissance Faire since we were dating. If Covid dies down, maybe we can go sometime.

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So we had eggs and bacon and yogurt for breakfast.  Then shortly later, all my kids wanted to go out to eat breakfast or lunch.  By the time I went with them,it was after 12 so everyone had lunch. I just had a bowl of matzo bowl soup and drank water since they didn't have milk.

To do

Fold and put away laundry

Check what we need in store

Go to store

Make homemade pizza

Keep watching College football


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Enchiladas are almost done.

Dd’s bed linens are all washed and dried and her bed remade. Dog hair! 

YNAB took forever. I have a mystery transaction from Amazon and an account that I thought was closed to follow up on. 

Lovely cool, sunny day here. Perfect fall weather.

Ds has been a jerk all day. Remind me again that he most likely will turn back into a nice human being again at some point… Wishing him children just like himself! 

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Crummy night here.

Ds sneaked on to my laptop - I forgot to sign out - and so has unlimited gaming time tonight. The laptop he normally uses has software that allows me to lock him out. He will undoubtedly stay up til the wee hours. Sigh. I HATE video games. I know there are people who can play and just walk away, but my kid is not one of them. So now, I have to impose consequences which will in turn have backlash. We are in for an ugly week. I miss having a cute little boy to read to and tickle and play with. This teen boy is exhausting and mostly a jerk.

We were late to the play, then Dd’s friend had a reaction to the strobe light and the loudness so we had to leave. We walked around the cute town and the girls got ice cream. 

Dh has the TN game blaring on his phone and will not use a headset or earbuds, though I asked twice.

Going to read with headphones on to see if I can block the noise.

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@TexasProud, glad you had a good day! 

@ScoutTN, I'm so sorry your day hasn't gone well! 

We ended up not going to the festival. We really didn't discuss times for everything last night, and the kids slept in very late. They took a long time getting ready, and there wasn't time to enjoy it by then with the drive there. It might be for the best. I've heard it is very crowded. 

But, we did have a good day! We played Settlers of Catan. She has never seen Lord of the Rings, so we watched the first movie (extended edition). Then we took them out for sushi. 

I tried to get in touch with dd to see if she could meet us for the sushi (the restaurant is about halfway to her apartment), but she was sleeping this afternoon and didn't get the message in time. Working at night makes it hard to have a regular life. 

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