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Does anyone rent in PA?

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Renting is new to us, but I'm always up for learning something new!


Was just informed that I need to provide DOB info on my children on the lease agreement, as it will get reported to the local school district.


Since I tend to disclose info discriminantly, I provided ages, but as yet have not provided DOB. I will have to file my homeschool paperwork with the local school district within 30 days of moving, and am prepared to do that.


Looking to see who else has first hand experience with this in PA.

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We rent a house to someone else, and we have never required that. I don't know of any law that would require us to report children to the school district -- possibly a township/city ordinance?


I would balk at giving that kind of information, too.


Take care,


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Our lease is for FL. But, we do require birthdates for everyone living in the home. It's sad to say, but we need it in case we have to evict at a later date. The court requires this on the eviction paperwork. So, maybe that is what it is for and your new landlord doesn't want to tell you that? It does sound bad to say if we are asked and I would certainly try to find a nicer reason for our tenant. I've never had a tenant not fill out that part and they have never asked why we need the info. If they did ask, I think I would just say "it's required for the lease" and leave it at that.



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