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How good are antibody tests these days?


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I know that very early on they seemed to be pretty much useless, at least on an individual basis (vs. screening bigger populations)...have they improved? Now that it looks like my 8 year old will be able to get vaccinated pretty soon, I'd love to know whether the weird cold he had over the summer was really a cold. It was back when numbers were quite low (so it didn't really occur to me to test him at the time), but the thing that makes me suspicious about it is that all six of us were squeezed into our RV and together 24/7 at the time, and only half of us got it. And there was no pattern there--3 out of 4 kids got it, one fully vaccinated with moderna, one with pfizer, one unvaccinated. My husband and I (moderna) and one pfizer kid never had any symptoms at all. Usually if one of us gets a cold it moves through the whole house before it's finished. symptoms were pretty standard delta as I understand it--sore throats followed by a lot of snottiness, some coughing). So, anyway, just wondering if it's worthwhile to take my youngest in for an antibody test (I might handle his second dose at least differently if he's already had covid. Also it'd be nice to know. If it's possible to know).

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