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Tackling Monday Together


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Good morning! I have tons of catch-up to do after being away for the weekend. I’ve had b’fast and coffee and taken Ds to school. 

Get a sub for helping at Dd’s tutorial tomorrow, if at all possible. 

AHG things - limit of 1 hr this morning

Tutor three students - two in Zoom and one in person. 

Keep working on camping clean-up. Get pop ups and tent dried out and repacked. 

Pick up Ds from school.

Figure out dinner. 


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It's just me and the pup until I get my kids.  Yay!

I'm listening to old soft music in the background while theoretically working.

My #1 goal is to focus!  I have a bunch of reports due 9/30 and I need to send them for client review ASAP.

I want to take the girls to TKD tonight.  I might have to work in the car while they practice though.

I need to learn how to use the new collar I got the pup & start working with it.

(Already done:  a little client work, laundry, sent photos to kid's bio mom, and the usual daily stuff.)

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Zoom meeting for honor society done 

Definitions for next week's chapter done 

Talked to my uncle, looked at his ancestry stuff. He wants me and my dd to take over. 

More school 

Clean kitchen from last night 

Make dinner, I roasted pork yesterday. So some type of Mexican meal 






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I just paid bills and updated the checking account records. 

Got a request for good student discount on our insurance, so I printed of his SAT scores from last spring. I'll take that, his final transcript from me, and a record of his credits and grades transferring to his new school to our new agent. Hopefully, that will be enough.

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