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Have you seen “No Letting Go”(bipolar disorder)?


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If you have seen this movie: What was is about the residential school in Maine that made boy do so well?  From what they showed in the movie, he received a lot of acceptance there and there was a greater understanding of his condition.  They talked about structure but it did not seem like an extremely structured environment.  I would think the private schools he attended would also be structured.  He did have a loving family at home and a good friend but there was just a lack of awareness of how little control he had over his feelings. 

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On 9/23/2021 at 12:58 PM, Teaching3bears said:

Anyone see this movie or even not see this movie but have opinions on the efficacy of bipolar and residential schools?

A friend in highschool was diagnosed bipolar and went away to some kind of treatment place out of state for a few months..not sure if it was a school. She came back and did very well. 

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