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Let's Tackle Sunday Together


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Good morning!  Super stiff today and waiting for pain meds to kick in.  Just got startled by weather alarm going off _ flash flood warning.  We are going to get 2 inches in the next hour.  The only thing personally I worry about is more erosion on part of our front yard that exposed tree roots when a gigantic flash flood happened along with last year where we got almost all our normal rainfall of in Jan and Feb.

Online Sunday School 

Online Church 

Laundry started in between Sunday School and Church 

figure out food for next few days 

not sure what else







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I was up past 5am doing laundry.  Then got up about 9:45 to get the house ready for the dog trainer.

As expected, our in-home dog training class was super stressful.  I'm still trying to wind down from it 2 hours later.  😛

I was expecting to have the rest of the day to make my kids do homework and certain things with me, but their auntie made arrangements to take them shopping and then to her office.  Supposedly they are going to do homework at the office.  We'll see!  I just know I'm going to be stuck helping someone with a load of homework when we're both too tired.  And said person is going to do just the minimum to get through Monday, and then is going to give me a hard time about everything I ask her to do, because I'm cutting into her homework / study time.  Mark my words.  😛

But hey ... our house is clean.  (The common areas anyway.)  That's something, right?

I think I'll take a nap now, but eventually I hope to finish some client work.

I still hold out hope of catching up with online church and calendar work with my kids later.

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