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Tackling Sunday Together


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Good morning!

  • meals (lunch out)
  • church (class for new people  then the service)
  • lunch
  • UPS Store to send back bookcase
  • Tuesday Morning store to look at some industrial shelving
  • home improvement store to buy a lawnmower
  • meal plan and grocery list
  • grocery shopping
  • look over lessons for tomorrow
  • watch something, relax
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Good morning! I slept til 7:30, late for me. Rainy day again here. Enjoying the quiet house and the sound if the rain. Letting Dd sleep in.

Make pancakes for Dd.

Watch church at 11.

Figure out dinner. ✔️ 

Think about the coming week and write in my planner. 

Maybe watch more Cranford? ✔️ 


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Dgd woke up crying at 4:30am. I cuddled her and changed her diaper and she laid back down until 5am  😂 

So we got up. 

We cuddled alot. Gave her some Cheerios and "juice" with her morning probiotic. Put on Micky mouse clubhouse. She was so excited she shrieked, lol, very loud. 

Let the cat out, she got into a big ole cat fight w/ my best friend's boy cat. 🙄 

Closed the garage and made her come back in. She has an automatic cat feeder because I tend to fatten up our pets. It didn't go off at 6 or 7....so I finally just scooped some out. Dd needs to fix it. 

Surfed the board

Fixed the baby breakfast. She enjoyed tasting cream cheese on her toast. Ate two eggs, plus applesauce. 

Youngest woke up, ate breakfast and hung out with her while I took ten minutes for myself. 

Cleaned her up, got her dressed and even did her hair...not as nice as her momma does lol. 

We were going to go for another walk, but it's raining. 

So now I'm waiting for dh and dd to get up. Will put dgd down for an earlier nap. 

Finally figured out what she keeps saying: "I do it"..lol such a big girl. Gosh, she's just so amazing! 

I'm going to post a face photo later, but please don't quote because I'm going to delete it. 

Happy Sunday y'all! 

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Dd and dh are up now. 

Just laid dgd down...she hasn't pooped yet, her usual m. o. is to poop after I put her down for her nap. So, we'll see. 

I'm also in my room, laying down. I finished my fancy coffee from yesterday, had a double shot espresso, and half of those coffees you buy in a gas station. Not an actual brewed gas station coffee...

Hoping for sleep for the both of us!

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Good morning!  Super stiff today and waiting for pain meds to kick in. (oh they kicked in and are gone now, have to do more muscle relaxant and probably more steroid today too).

 Just got startled by weather alarm going off _ flash flood warning.  We are going to get 2 inches in the next hour.  The only thing personally I worry about is more erosion on part of our front yard that exposed tree roots when a gigantic flash flood happened along with last year where we got almost all our normal rainfall of in Jan and Feb.  That was around 7:30am or so.  Our interstate in town is closed from near us to miles away due to flooding- glad we just did online church and weren;t planning to go out

Online Sunday School done

Online Church Done

Laundry started in between Sunday School and Church didn\t get done between SS and church because we decided to watch rain on front porch rocking chairs and drink coffee, will do soon

figure out food for next few days 

not sure what else

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Cleaned up a bit after my campers came home.
I forgot that I was supposed to take lunch to my mom! Emailed and called her but not reply. Rats! 
Cancelled a lunch date for Wed - we were going to eat outdoors, but it will be raining and I am not eating indoors in a restaurant. 
Got the new printer connected to this laptop. 

Next up:
YNAB and pay bills. ✔️ 

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I could use some advice. 

The outside of my ankle is hurting sometimes. I think (definitely not sure) I might have hit it in the last month. I'm bad about banging an elbow and not remembering that I did. If I have some kind of hairline fracture, would it cause occasional pain, expecially when flexing it outward? I am not established with a doctor here yet, and I really don't want to go into urgent care clinics and such if I don't have to because of Covid. 

I think my insurance might offer some live telehealth things. Would they be able to order an xray? Where do you think the safest place for one would be? What kind of treatment would they do? 

Thanks for any thoughts or tips! 

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They should be able to order an x-ray, but you might end up getting a MRI. My best friend's knee was hurting and she finally got her insurance company to cover an MRI and sure enough it was broke or hairline fracture or something. I can't recall. Praying it's nothing serious. 

So, I did my quiz again. My professor gives us two tries. (Really hard class) And for the first time in this class, I got an A!!!!! I still missed 2 questions, but I'm happy. 

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