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Tackling Saturday Together


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Good morning!

@ScoutTN, I hope you can get your fridge repaired or at least find a cheap replacement! 

I kept waking up last night, so I'm a little tired. 

  • meals
  • grade some tests students sent me
  • tidy house
  • laundry
  • work on the harder bookcase
  • meal plan and grocery list 
  • attempt to put an artificial flower arrangement together for the dining room table centerpiece (I am not the most crafty person!) 
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Good morning everyone. Today's plan:

Turn in lesson plans-they are late-done

Send an email to asst principal-done

Work in classroom-done

Finish laundry-done

Go through mail

Clean the bathrooms

Order and pick up groceries-done

Find and cook something for dinner-french toast and bacon

Edited by math teacher
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Good morning!  Woke up at 5am in a lot of pain and hardly able to get out of bed but I am doing well now so very happy.  

I need to make b & B reservations this morning

Not sure about breakfast- here or go out

Hobby Lobby this morning too- hopefully 

Virtual Spondylotis Patient Conference


Keep up with football

AIr Force birthday celebration 

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Good morning! 

So far, I have already:

coffee'd, garage sale'd, and video game'd with DH

Next up, I need to:
....NOT go to the grocery store, b/c traffic on garage sale weekend is ridiculous getting in/out of the neighborhood
...sew, sew, sew, sew, sew
....work on laundry

DH is down helping the neighbor with his fence, so I should also do something productive, but he told me to sew, so I'll do that.  At 3:30, take the kids to their party, decide on dinner for us, find out end time for the party....let DH rest. 

Heading upstairs....

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3 hours ago, TravelingChris said:

Thanks for the reminder.  I need to put out the fall fake arrangements and put away the summer.

You're welcome! I'm still working on my dining room as I want it to be all year, so I haven't even thought about my fall decorations and where they will go. Ds might come home next weekend, so I think I might want it to be the new dining room instead of fall. He hasn't even seen the new table. 

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Dh went to McDonalds for a couple of things, and I made eggs. 

I graded the tests, recorded grades, and emailed the students.

Got the office bookcases put in their places and have arranged some stuff on the shelves. I might go back to an antique store nearby that I visited yesterday. They had so much I couldn't really look through it all well. 


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So far so good!

Today we need to get the house decent, because tomorrow we are having a professional dog trainer come to work with us.  (I mean it's not that bad, but we have random piles of clutter around ... mostly things we stashed away from the pup ....)


  • Kid2 to horse riding.
  • Working on coffee 2.
  • Washed up the dishes and did some house cleaning.
  • Assembled/installed a baby gate at the foot of the stairs.
  • Caught up on emails, news, calendar, social media, electronic school stuff.
  • Registered for an October weekend activity.
  • On pup duty.

To do:

  • Assemble an over-the-door shoe rack.
  • Lots more cleaning - house and car.
  • All of the laundry.
  • Assemble box(es) for donation.
  • Evening - attend Hispanic cultural celebration / learn about organization my kids might like.
  • Wash my hair.
  • Dog walking, training.
  • Whatever client work, homework, and personal organizing get done.
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Lots of rain. Hoping it stops sometime during granddaughters visit with us. 

Dh went on coffee run. 

Move furniture around in closet. 

Vacuum, sweep, mop. 

Toddler proof in living room 

Get cleaned up

Have fun with my sweet little peanut!! 💞

Make dinner 

Bath the baby and put her down for the night 

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Decided to do the tree limbs for DH -- so, we took down a huge bunch of our tree after the storm, and DH wants Oldest DS to mow, but DH is down at the neighbors helping build a fence (which I volunteered him for, but which he would have volunteered for himself anyway), and so the big tree branches were just there in the yard. 

So....they are now stripped of leaves, cut down to manageable sizes, and there's now a pile of "too big for the clippers" branches, but bare; a pile of smaller bare branches, and a big pile of leaves which will go into the compost. 

DH says they're "almost at a stopping point" but that was nearly an hour ago, so.....hopefully they don't work themselves too hard. 

Going to make sure everyone here has lunch (DH declined my offer to feed them), and then shower. 

A second load of laundry is in the wash today, first one is in the dryer, and I'm saving the last load for tomorrow after all of these are folded/put away, b/c it's the stuff I don't want to sit around getting wrinkled. 

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My fridge is cold again! I am wary, expecting it to really die soon, but happy to not have to figure it out immediately. I tried unplugging it for about 5 minutes last night before I went to bed. Maybe that did the trick? 

Rain here too. All day, off and on. 

Dd and I went to an AHG service project and did some geocaching with the younger girls. 
I've had lunch and am about to do some electronic chores.

Then fetching groceries back from my neighbor's extra fridge. 

Then making something pumpkin for dessert for Dd. A custard with Swerve for me.
Need to make a shopping list for next weekend's camping food. I have a meal plan - just need to convert it to specifics for shopping.

Dinner is carnitas - pork has been in the crock pot since 7 and we have all the things to go with it. Mexican food is such a staple for us!

Watching a movie tonight - something dd picks.


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@TravelingChris, stay safe!

@ScoutTN, woohoo on the cold fridge! Praying it stays working. We thought our oven had gone out last spring, but a reboot like you did fixed it. We never had to replace it before we sold the house. 

We opened the last bookcase only to find one side panel is scratched in several places. I looked into the return and ordering another, and now it won't come until after next weekend. That's what we get for procrastinating. Now they won't both be up and decorated before ds comes home (with his girlfriend). It's fine, but it would have filled in the wall better. 

We've had lunch. I unloaded the dishwasher and took care of our dishes from today. 

I need to go get laundry together. 

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Sorry about your bookcase Amy. 

Glad your fridge is working again Scout! 

Everything is ready for dgd! I'm so excited!!! 

Going to make the youngest favorite for dinner tonight, chicken casserole! 

Got the baby's bath stuff ready, chose a goodnight book. Her little area in her closet is all ready for her, her playpen is freshly made with her lovey and a blanket that youngest used to use and dear daughter used, set up the diaper area on the master bed LOL. It appears the rain has stopped for hopefully a while.

Now saying prayers for safe travel for my daughter-in-law and grandbaby because they have an hour drive, a full hour drive one way to get here. And then the kids are going out in the big city tonight. So saying prayers for that as well. Did I mention I'm super excited?!

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She's here!!!! Her mama set her on the driveway and she came walking to me with her arms out!! 💞❤️🤗 

Now she's sprawled out on the floor on her auntie and they're watching Moana and she's playing with a hat box I gave her! She is such a toddler now! And her language is so much improved!

DD is going to try to help me post a picture of her for y'all later

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@MooCow, so glad they made it. I hope you can post the picture!

I decided to go back to a shop I visited yesterday and buy an accent table I saw there. I got it and a small greenery item and a cool metal candle holder that will look good in the office. 

A load of laundry is going. 

I'm making pizzas on frozen garlic bread tonight. It's so not healthy, but we love it! 

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Love the pic, MooCow!

Carnitas were yummy. 
Dd is doing math tonight. No movie. I am glad she knows when to work and when to play! 
I took the dog for a short walk, chatted with a neighbor, and closed up the house for the night. 

Next up: shower
Then reading. 


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The last speaker was so annoying.  He kept talking about chronic pain as if everyone with chronic pain has fibromyalgia and not AS or RA or Lupus or any other disease.  And he was so very close minded too.  

But the other two sessions were really good.  

And then we went to the AF birthday party.  

Now we are home.  And about to watch more college football.

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I did get a lot done today, so I feel good about that!  And my housemates also did some cleaning.  The first floor of my house is about the neatest it's been since we had our carpets replaced.  😛  Except for puppy stuff ... his toys etc. are all over the place.  😛

I have one more load of laundry to go into the washer.  Then I will call it a night.  I left some things to do tomorrow morning, because it's more efficient to just wait until breakfast etc. is over.

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