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My dd got married Sunday


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Just now, Farrar said:

Gorgeous! What a picture perfect looking wedding!

You're not truly behind the scenes at a wedding unless something went wrong. 

You know, weirdly, I love the stories created by the glitches. It was very bonding making flowers past midnight. 

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It looks beautiful!

I remember when my best guy friend got married, his bride was in tears that something minor went wrong at the reception. Another friend and I had to calm her down by pointing out only she knew anything was "wrong". Everyone else was partying and having fun, not missing a thing.

Glitches do create some of the most memorable moments, too! We've made several cross country moves, but the memorable moments are the random adventures of the wrong turns and dead batteries.

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Thanks for sharing such lovely pictures of a beautiful day.  The happy couple look so relaxed and full of joy.  💜  I think we all need to see some joy.

May substitute flowers and un-bustle-ing bustles be the least of their woes.

I love your dress as well--very elegant on you.

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