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Tackling Saturday Together


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Good morning!

Dd to a local high school to take the ACT.   

Get gas   

Work at church  

Prep for tonight’s training meeting  

Pick up Dd

AHG outdoor skills team training tonight. That will be my walking.  


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  • Reread spiritual discipline section on solitutude and make a list to do.
  • Lectio Divina
  • Write in Next Right Thing Guided Journal
  • Read Acts Commentary for chapters 9 and 10
  • Update internship journal
  • Write 2 pages of Galatians Paper
  • Finish Honduras Blog,  
  • Work on rough draft of childlike faith blog
  • Polish Lost Pond Blog
  • Write rough draft of Cahil hike blog
  • Write email to mission participant responding to her email
  • Write a thank you note to mission parter for birthday gift
  • Strip sheets in the RV
  • Budgets June and July
  • Sweep and Mop the Kitchen
  • Clean my bathroom
  • Organize middle section of bathroom drawers
  • On New Laptop: Download Logos Software, Import more folders of pictures for blog, 2 other folders as well
  • Take a walk: Walked 3 miles by myself
  • Print remaining 12 devotions to proofread tomorrow
  • Walk with husband tonight?
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Good morning!  I hope everyone has a great day! 

Dh is about to make pancakes, and I've got my coffee (decaf) ready to start. 

We're going to Chattanooga later this morning to help dd with her move. We'll probably stay through dinner time.

I'll do laundry if we get back in time. 

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Good morning, everyone! 

Today I have:

....work on the contact list sheets
....work some more on the sewing project
....maybe also work some more on repairing the antique quilt
....go to fencing class since we skipped on Thursday
....stop at the quilt shop to pick up a prize I won and buy a bit of fabric needed for one of the above projects
....stop at the grocery store for our grocery shop, to try and get it in ahead of potential tropical storm stuff coming up this week
....dinner -- one of the dinners from the list
....after dinner -- veg out with the family

I think that's all! Have a good day! 

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Good morning everyone!! Today's plan:

Work in my classroom-I was quarantined for three days, so there's a lot to do-done

Dinner-something from Hello Fresh-in the oven

Maybe work in my bedroom

Print a return slip for a rug I ordered from Amazon and take it to the ups store

Start rearranging things since DS moved out

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Just got a call that trumps all the happy stuff below, LOL.  I have to run downtown for a work emergency.  But I'm gonna leave the stuff below kuz now it's really funny.  😛


Hi guys!  I am sooooo glad it's the weekend!  Even though I hardly did any work this past week, the stress of the work days still weighed me down.  I'm the type of person who gets less done at times like that.  Also I had health stuff for all 3 of us last week.  Nothing horrible, but there's something about health stuff, right?  And my pup's bad behavior weighed me down even more.  So, big secret, I'm not Miss Merry Sunshine, LOL.  I just hope I make good use of my relative freedom this weekend!

Also, I didn't realize it right away, but I'm the only adult home, at least for a while.  It does feel different with a pup and kid here though.  Even though they're asleep.  Like I can't go play the piano, or turn on loud music and dance.  😛


  • Kid2 to horse riding.
  • Partly cleaned out my car.
  • Some pup care / training ... he is being stubborn, but he's in his "box" where I put him when he doesn't listen, so he's not causing any actual trouble.  (The "box" is in the same room I'm in, but he is confined with just a bone, a toy, and a blanket.  Right now he's sleeping in there.)
  • Checked soccer calendar to confirm whether kid1 has to go to today's game.  No, she doesn't, yay!
  • Caught up on emails, news, social media, and electronic school stuff.
  • Working on coffee 2.

To do:

  • I'll have to get back later, see above, LOL
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Finished the blocks for the sewing project - yay! They weren't/aren't "due" for 2 more weeks, so now I can work on fun stuff/just for me stuff the rest of this month. 

Skipped/skipping fencing, b/c the "I didn't get enough sleep last night" little headache is trying to turn into "Oh, it's a week before your period, here's your monthly migraine" headache, and that seems like not a good time to go to fencing. Like, fencing would not be great for migraine. Hopefully our projected bad weather next week does not mean we also can't go on Tuesday (the next day we would go to make-up for missing last week). 

Eating a quick bite and then DH & I will run to the store/quilt shop. It's unseasonably cool and low humidity, so he's taking advantage of skipping fencing by doing tons of yard work, but he's at a stopping point. (he's been out there since 8 am, when it was only 66*, which is crazy amazing for us for this time of year; it's still only 78* right now at 11 am)

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I have no motivation to get any of my writing done. None.  Tired after telling oldest son ( who is here now) and SIL. Need to call my other son this afternoon.  I cleaned out the drawers and then sang with my accompaniment mp3's for awhile and took a bath. Cooked the sides while my husband grilled and took a bath.  I was sleeping in front of the tv where my son is watching football, when my husband called to open up the gate. He just brought home 2 Longhorn calves. One has horns, one doesn't.  We have plenty of cows before, but never Longhorns! Friends of ours were getting rid of some.  We had cattle for 20 years, but haven't for almost 2, but need to for the ag exemption.

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Dd is staying at besties. The girls went day drinking w/besties husband as their driver. Prayers to him, lol. And my apologies! 

Did horrible on my quiz. Ugh. I have one more chance. So, back to studying I go. I was interrupted by a call from the dept. of Health. Very nice, knowledgeable young woman. She praised us for making youngest quarantine in his room. Lol. He's released to go back to school on Monday. 

Oh yeah, I still have a post and two replies. 

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@MooCow, my middle did a quiz redo this week (one of those "you get 2 attempts" things); first time he got a 70; 2nd time he got a 95. Here's hoping you get similar results next time! 


Watched the A&M game; stressful! But we won. Whew.  Have the UH game on in the background now (also winning at the moment, but last week they were winning early, then lost terribly, so...???).  Making purple basil pesto to go with pasta & DH is smoking salmon for dinner. YUM. Will be my first time doing the pesto with the purple basil. 

Did not get the contact sheets done, but the migraine is subsiding. Tomorrow, maybe. 

After dinner we'll veg out/relax. 

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Sigh. I did a bit better. Got a 84. Still missed the same four questions. And I completely spaced on three videos I was supposed to watch. D'oh! 

I don't get dgd tomorrow. It's probably for the best. Youngest isn't officially released until Monday. I am grateful that the new boundaries are working. We made plans that I'll get her Saturday and keep her overnight. So excited for my little peanut! Plus dd should be home and this way youngest can play with her too.  

I hope everyone has a good night and a blessed day tomorrow! 

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AHG girls did great tonight - made lots of progress on morse code and demonstrated skill at navigation, pioneering, first aid, and fire building. Two weeks til our trip! 

I need a shower bc I smell like bug spray! 

Then hot tea and a book.

Tomorrow morning can be a lazy one because Dd and I are watching livestream church instead of going. Staying home mostly, to stay well for our trip. Not taking chances! 

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Well anyways ... I ended up doing a few hours of cleaning at one of our buildings ... then came home and spent a lot of time being lazy in bed.  Then we went out for dinner kuz we couldn't go out last night.  Definitely not the productive day I was hoping for.  😛

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