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News: Amazon Will Spend $1.2 Billion For Its Employees To Attend College


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“Amazon announced today that it will pay 100% of college tuition for its approximately 750,000 U.S. hourly employees. The company estimated that the new benefit along with other new training it will offer would require a total investment of $1.2 billion by 2025.  

Amazon’s announcement comes on the heels of other major employers such as Target and Walmart extending similar offers to their U. S. employees as national companies continue to sweeten the compensation pot to lure and retain workers during the tight labor market.

The Amazon offer will begin in January 2022 and will include the cost of college tuition, fees and textbooks for warehouse, transportation and other hourly employees who want to pursue bachelor's degrees. To be eligible an employee must have been employed by Amazon for 90 days.

The new benefit will also begin covering educational costs for high school diploma programs, GEDs and English as a second language certifications. Amazon will also add three new education programs to provide its employees with the opportunity to learn skills in data center maintenance and technology, IT, and user experience and research design.

Amazon previously offered to pay for 95% of tuition, fees and textbooks for hourly associates through its career choice program, a benefit that provided up to $12,000 over four years for hourly associates who’d been with the company for at least one year. It was limited to “certificates and associate degrees in high-demand occupations such as aircraft mechanics, computer-aided design, machine tool technologies, medical lab technologies and nursing.””

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