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The Ups and Downs...


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of moving. (We move in 3.5 weeks)

Our addition won't be finished until Dec, maybe by Christmas. *sigh* I'll be sharing my room with dd15 and dd12 until then. *Stress Alert One* It was supposed to be done by Oct. I almost had a panic attack on Friday because of it, and seriously need some more strategies to help with that. I have to fit a lot of things into a tinier living space and figure out how school will get done, since the addition includes our school space. *Stress Alert Two*

We are pulling the camper down there when we move. That will be fine, but we are planning on doing it in two days because we have to travel with dd's two adorable rabbits (who I'm mildly allergic to) and we don't want to stress them and they take up a lot of space. *Stress Alert Three* 

Our family in FL (who will live by us, and see us every day) are all vaxed, but not particularly cautious. They go and do with surgical masks: shop, eat, church, have my sister's kids over, etc. My sister and dh and 3 kids (not vaxed, will not see them often, no masks) had covid last year, so obviously they are "immune" to it, and have never stopped living life. *eyeroll* I'm going to have to have hard conversations with all of them - and I don't know how it will be received. *Stress Alert Four*

Any ideas on stress relief, and maybe how to talk to the family?

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1. You have a tinier space. The family needs to come together in making the stuff you are putting into that space a lesser amount.

2. Find coping strategies for the travel cross country. Mine is playing audio books aloud. Everyone is quieter and engaged.

3. Ugh. The masking thing. Wear good masks. It’s likely the best you can do.

4. Find someone quiet time for you occasionally. This will be especially important as you will be together so close so often. Taking walks for exercise? 

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I don't have any advice about how to speak to family. I have several extended family members living hear me with whom I no longer have relationships because of their let er rip attitude about covid. 

But, try to find time for yoga, meditation, or daily walk, etc. something mindful, quiet and just you every day.

Take B12 supplements because that can help with stress.

Make sure you get good sleep even if it means dosing with Benadryl and melatonin or whatever works for you.

Fresh air for your kids as much as possible because coming and going from your small space frequently will help everyone handle the tightness better.

Potentially invest in privacy screens for around beds so people have a changing space and feel less self conscious at bed time.

Take whatever allergy meds you need in order to be around the bunnies and stay on top of that. Make sure dd knows you will not handle them at all, not so much as changing out a eater bottle because that could set your allergies off. If buns need to be combed/brushed because they shed, she needs to take them outside and never do it in the living space.

Consider relaxation music like Debussy with water sounds and similar playing softly during the background. 

Make the girls responsible for keeping homeschooling materials organized and when not in use, put away. Let them do schoolwork outside when weather permits. Consider using parks, nature areas, as places to spread out and study. Even nearby rest areas with picnic tables can be nice when it isn't windy.


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