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I am feeling like my world is getting smaller...

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I don't know if I am the only one feeling like the world is getting smaller around me. We live and homeschool internationally. Homeschooling provided a great way to take advantage of travel, museums, learning about the culture, and giving us a break from the foreign culture when we needed it. But now I am feeling like the season of travel and museums is over. So many restrictions are being put up. I have only parented overseas, this is all I know, and I have loved it for the most part. And this pandemic season feels never ending. I have so enjoyed all our field trips we have been able to take. But I had plans for so many more. We had a big trip planned for Egypt next year when we started ancient history again. But now I don't even know what next year will look like. We didn't do Auschwitz two years ago because I wanted DS to be a little older, but who knows if we will ever travel again. I had so many plans! Even in country travel is being restricted. So all the beautiful museums here might not even be an option. I don't want my days to just be stuck in an apartment. 

Sorry just feeling very down. I have enjoyed how we have homeschooled these last four years, and it all feels like that season has ended. 

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1 hour ago, Jean in Newcastle said:

((Hugs))   Can you do some of these experiences in a mask?  Any outdoor museums/ experiences? 

No 😭 our country of residence is closing everything. No matter vaccination status. 

Some places are proof of vaccine and a negative test. But most are closed. 

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I’d encourage you to think of this as a season too. So often, our current scenario feels permanent when, realistically, it cannot be sustained. 

That perspective might allow you to enjoy this current season a little bit more? Hugs. It’sa hard time. 

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You're not the only one.  (Hugs)

Although not restricted by regulations, being restricted by surges is also a real thing. I'm fortunate we don't live in a city and are surrounded by mountains, so we can get out in nature more than most.

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I understand. We moved back to the US this year. We never made it to several places i really wanted to see in Europe, and with the way things are now, I'm not comfortable taking my unvaxed younger kid to see all the things here. It's a huge bummer. 

I do think this is a season. There will be some societal changes (maybe scars, from some perspectives) but this won't be forever. 

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