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Could You Be a WTM Sales Consultant?

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I am pleased to introduce myself as the new Sales Director for Well-Trained Mind Press! While I have worked in book publishing for many years this is my first opportunity to get involved in the homeschool community and I’m very excited to be doing so. 

Just as a bit of background, I’m originally from West Sacramento, California, but live in Brooklyn, NY today with my husband, who is also in the publishing world, and two cats, neither of whom are in the publishing world, but like to use books for seats or lay on them while we try to read them, so… Well, you’d be surprised to learn how many of the humans in the publishing biz behave similarly. (Metaphorically speaking.)

Aside from introducing myself I am posting this note because we are considering launching a Sales Consultant program and I’m interested to know whether anyone out here might be interested in becoming involved.

As you might guess our purpose here is to get Well-Trained Mind curricula in front of more parents, but believe it or not, we can’t be everywhere at once! We know that many of you have not only a deep understanding of our curricula, but know how they compare to others. You’ve maybe already led friends and family to our books. AND you go to conventions and other homeschooling events.

With all of this knowledge as well as an understanding of what sorts of questions those new to homeschooling might have, we think you could be wonderful ambassadors for us.

Here is how we are thinking all of this would work...

The job: A WTM Sales Consultant will represent and sell WTM PRESS curricula at conventions and events

The reward: 

  1. WTM would arrange and pay for event registration for our chosen Consultant.

  2. WTM would provide a unique coupon code for the event and any order that comes in using it during a predetermined time frame will earn the Sales Consultant a 10% commission (i.e., 10% of the net order [retail price - show discount] less returns)

  3. WTM would provide sample books, order forms, and sales materials and pay for exhibition space as needed.

  4. The Consultant would have the option to keep the display stock or return it at their own cost.

So, what do you think? Feel free to ask questions and I look forward to taking your thoughts into consideration as we evolve this project.




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