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Accessories (Hair Care) for American Girl Dolls...help

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I saw a post on this somewhere regarding hair care for the AG dolls and now I can't find it. I just bought dd a doll (our first) and want to be sure we take care of her hair. Someone had posted that there are certain products to use to protect the hair from damage. I know dd will want to brush the dolls hair. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Just make sure that she uses a wire brush, the type made for combing wigs, whenever she combs the doll's hair. Plastic bristles can damage the hair. It helps to mist the hair before combing it, but cover the eyes beforehand. Water in the eyes can cause the mechanism to rust. To style the hair, dd uses small clips and tiny elastics (which come in packages of 100 at the drug store.)


Hope she enjoys the doll! I know my dd loves hers!



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Either the kit listed above, or this one. I like this one because it comes with a dvd that emphasizes proper doll care, and sometimes that's more compelling for young ones than *Mom* telling them how they have to take care of their dolls. ;) The kit I linked, included the book, dvd, and brush.


The kit above includes the brush and a misting bottle (absolutely necessary, but any misting bottle will do), and a salon apron.


Both kits include a few hair accessories, though you can certainly use any small, cheap plastic barrettes and clips from the $1 store...


The main thing is that you *must* use a wire wig brush (unless you have a curly-haired doll, in which case you'll want a wide-toothed metal pick, also available from AG), and you *must* mist the hair lightly with water *every* time you brush. Beyond that, simple gentleness and thoroughness help.

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I spent 2 1/2 hours at an AG store Friday night for my daughter's b'day party, and several of the girls had their dolls' hair done. The stylists there highly recommended using a toothbrush to smooth the hair. Not a cheap toothbrush, mind you, but a pricier one (they used Oral Bs). Really, they said the cheap ones didn't work as well. They were using toothbrushes on all of the dolls they were styling. They also said to always mist the hair first.


My daughter has always used the wire brush on Samantha's hair, and it's still in good shape.


I hear from other girls that that some of the dolls with very long braided hair (Kaya and Josefina, perhaps) are very difficult for the girls to brush and style without turning into puff balls. If that's true, it's a shame, as that's one of my daughter's favorite things to do with her doll.



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