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Generation Genius opinions?

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I'm considering getting a subscription for the year to Generation Genius. We've had Mystery Science for a few years and we like it but my kids have watched all the videos several times. We're taking a break for a year or so and I'm considering this instead. We'd use it primarily for videos (not lesson plans and quizzes or whatnot). Do you find them to be high enough quality to be worth the cost? Or something else you'd recommend? My kids already do Adventure Academy, Prodigy, etc. But a science/math centered "edutainment" option would be great too, especially since I pretty much unschool science and resources like this have been great at exposing them to new ideas and concepts. If it's good. 😊

If not, any other suggestions for something like that? 

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My kids like it. I do too. We just watch the videos. 

they came out with a math section now. Not sure which grade levels though. 

i think it’s worth it. 

Eta: I guess if you do a lot of science already, then it may not be be worth it. But we don’t do a whole lot of science, so I think it’s worth it. 

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We like it. I think it’s overpriced for the amount of content available, but they do seem to be adding more. DS likes to do the activities they show. So far, we’ve had everything on hand and they’ve all worked, but they are pretty basic at the K-2 level. He really likes the math videos and begs for the worksheets. Strange child. 😆

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My oldest is TK. We actually really like it and I use it as a supplemental to their "science curriculum". They repeat the important statement throughout the episodes (like memory statements) so my kids will recite those of their own accord. Their "experiments" for little kids tend to be of the "just for fun" variety vs. something they could actually gain knowledge from.

I'm in a homeschool charter so I get to use Mystery Science too. I prefer to use elemental science and supplement with generation genius. Generation Genius says it's not a full science curriculum, but I like it because I just push play on their videos instead of Mystery Science where I have to keep clicking next. (I get why they do it this way, but I prefer my kids watch a full video and we discuss afterwards.)

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