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Hi from Austalia!

Having a bit of a **MOMENT**

After maths for Grade 8.  

The delivery drivers are on strike here, due to COVID, so I got to thinking, is there a DIGITAL version of Maths workbook for Maths G8. Even better if its Singapore. Or Dimensions.

I checked SCRIBD and theres some primary years on there, but no secondary.

Online, it seems the books are sold out in many places.

I can see some secondhand in US.

Theres alot of Maths help in the house so the textbook is optional right now. Just to get her going with something till I can get back to normal.

If you have any suggestions would love to hear






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I assume she’s on track for PreAlgebra or higher…

AOPS offers digital textbooks. The Arbor Center may also offer a PDF of their trilogy: Jousting Armadillos (PreAlgebra), Crocodiles & Coconuts (Algebra), Chuckles the Rocket Dog (Algebra). 

Not sure if much else, unfortunately unless you want to go to a fully online course. 

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There is a Singapore maths on line thing. I tried it once.  It was OK and fairly cheap but not what we wanted at the time.  You could try the GSCE stuff on MEP.  The online text for AOPS is quite useable.  You can get a special deal on a hard copy and online combo.  By the time is gets to Australia the strike should be over.  

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