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It's always so hard to do school this time of year...

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We have homeschooled for 13 years, and all 13 of those years I have an awful time of it from Thanksgiving to New Year's. We did "some" school today. We did "some" school yesterday. It is cold and dark and rainning. We'd rather sleep in and drink hot chocolate or tea all day.


Every year, I think.. "No school between Thanksgiving and Christmas" and then we get sick/take trip/have visitors/ etc and NEED to do school. This year I have state regulations to follow and I NEED these days in December to count. And, with high schoolers, I can't forget academics and bake cookies "as school".


Maybe tomorrow we'll get more done..... ?????


Just thinkin'.....

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Oh, I feel your pain! We did history readings yesterday and "some" school last Friday. Today was our co-op's Christmas party. I counted it as school...the public schools get to count their parties as a day of school:D I have a plan for the next 7 days of school, that's when we are officially supposed to break, but I just don't know if I'll make it. We are so tired from all the parties and choir practice/performance and it's just flat out hard to get going.


:grouphug: I'm there too!

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