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Help! I can't get my sticky squares off.

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We're renting, and the house came with a lot of cork board squares "temporarily" put up with little white sticky squares. We were told we could take them down if we wanted. After trying with one and seeing that they weren't very easy to do, I decided to leave them up. My son, then not quite 3, had other ideas when alone in the room for a few minutes...he climbed up on the changing table and pulled off all the cork board squares!


Does anyone know of an easy way to get these things off? They've been stuck on for a while now, and are very much a part of the wall. I need figure out how to to get them off before we move again, probably this summer.


Here's some pictures if you're unsure of the things I'm talking about, they're bad pictures, but you should get the idea (brown patch in bottom picture is remnants of cork board):



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