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Ideas for extra big dorm suite closet


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We moved ds into his college dorm this weekend and were surprised to find an enormous storage closet in the dorm suite. The setup for the dorm is 4 guys each with a private bedroom, 2 sharing a bathroom, and all 4 sharing a kitchen/living room area.

None of them have more stuff than will fit in their own space. But….. there is this huge wasted space and I know the hive aunties will have creative ideas for using it. There is no shelving, and nothing allowed to be nailed/screwed into the walls. I would estimate the space is maybe 8-10 feet wide and 4-5 feet deep, and has 2 big doors that open outward. Sorry I don’t have pictures.

So, what fun or useful thing could happen here?

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1 hour ago, gardenmom5 said:

they could put in billy book cases, wire cubes, etc. so they actually have storage.

my dd loves command hooks (uses 3m type sticky glue and comes off.)

DS's college did not allow command hooks. 

If it isn't used as a gaming/entertainment space, and they don't need any extra storage (remember all of that stuff has to be moved out so you don't want to just fill up storage to fill up storage) and they are just the lucky suite that got an extra closet, many college students I know would try to find a creative way to rent out the space to other students who do not have enough space for everything.  

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I'm going to be boring and say, use it for storage, lol. 

As in, vacuum, broom, mop/swiffer/whatever. 

Get some cheep shelving (cubes or even garage style or whatever) and store Costco or Sams sized packages of paper towels, cleaning supplies (unless housekeeping is provided?)

Pantry storage - again costco sized packages are often cheaper, and that would give them room to store the stuff. 

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