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Tackling Saturday Together


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Good morning! I’m up early when I’d rather sleep late. Steady rain is a sleepy sound. Took meds, tested blood sugar, tidied the kitchen, and started bacon cooking in the oven.

 I have two events which are happening outdoors, rain or shine today:

Kids’ Triathlon (fundraiser for a special needs swim program). Ds is competing. I am a volunteer.

AHG outdoor skills work - The girls are practicing for a competition event later this fall. The event is rain or shine, so our practice is too. Thankfully, we have a picnic shelter to use for part of our time tonight.

In between these two things:



pack dinner for me and Dd

remind kids to do chores


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Good morning, Scout! Hope you have good weather today. 

  • meals
  • make a meal plan for next week
  • grocery list and grocery shopping 
  • look over lesson plans and do any last work on them 
  • put together the garage shelves and start sorting what to store on them
  • figure out some other things that need storing in the house and how/what in
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Good morning. I will post as I work:

Posted an article on my blog this morning.

Took the rest of the food out to the trailer. Hubby is making pancakes for lunch for my daughter this morning. After that I can take the last little bit out there.

Laundry and packing the trailer that will continue throughout the day.

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@TexasProud, welcome to the tackle thread! 

I just realized I need to update my signature with some summer changes.

We've had breakfast and coffee. 

Made the meal plan and shopping list as well as loaded digital coupons to my card

About to go get ready and go shopping in a bit


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Good morning to everyone!! The first two weeks of school have proven to be pretty frustrating. Some students have never been in school, do not know how to write their name, much less anything else. So, it's school seven days a week for me for awhile. Today's plan:

Launder sheets and make beds- in progress

Biscuits and sausage gravy for dinner

Grocery pickup-done

Go work in my classroom-school is available 8-5 on weekends-done

Clean bathrooms-done

Anything else is extra

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Posted (edited)

Thunder. Race delay. They may scrap the swim portion.

Eta: No swim, but biking and running happened. Ds is not in great shape and was far back in his age group, but he finished. A good time was had by all, despite the rain, and $5000 raised for the special needs swim program. 

Home now, dryer running. Next up: grocery!

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Checking in late, but here...

...coffee  -- done
...grocery/supply run -- done
...finish setting up D&D snacks -- done

....strategically sit out with DH and 'help" work on the car during drop off so the dropping off parents ease into not staying to visit -- done (and worked!)
....make 12 "model earths" for science for Monday (styrofoam ball on a stick, draw on the equator, crooked, to show the tilt, star sticker where TX is)
...print/fix the labels for the remaining folders now that I bought folders
....nametag for the new kid's placemat

....make kits of "house building" materials for K science (what will work to weatherproof)
...make little envelopes of letter stickers for the (maybe, if we have time) name craft
...gather sorting items for K math
....double check my list b/c that doesn't seem like everything but is all I can think of right now.....
...whatever I'm forgetting  (it was to email the parents the medical questions, done, and count the timeline numbers since we've added 1st/2nd graders since I printed those, done). 

Tonight will be probably maybe video game/sewing, or else DH and I will watch TV maybe with oldest while the younger two veg out after D&D. 

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finished the mini earths for 1st grade

finished packing the kits of stuff for K science

took a nap

D&D is over

my new Fitbit got here and I successfully set it up! Yay, me!

Checking my list b/c now I don't remember what the other  thing was I'm supposed to be doing (oh, the letter stickers.....working on that now)

Shortly going out to pick up an order of DH's

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Ran errands with DH

Printing little bookmarks for a welcome gift for my kiddos for Monday, and going to work on putting all of that together

Scrapping the name craft until a later time, bc I think I'm already overscheduled, and things will take *for.ev.er.* on the first day, going over rules, etc. 

Found gluten free, "normal kid" snacks (some fruit chew gummies, as well as some kettle pop popcorn, pre-popped), b/c I would really like to provide all the kids in class the same snack, not single out the gluten free kid. If I use the gluten free stuff for just that class, not the others, it's not cost prohibitive. 

Need to text/call my dad and let him know the boys aren't coming to grandma's with us tomorrow, probably, so that he doesn't order too much food. 


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I made dinner, turkey teriyaki stir fry. 

We went for a walk. It's the first time we've been able to with so much rain and heat. We walked all of our neighborhood streets except one that connects to another neighborhood. All of it is 1.7 miles and has a few hills, and it's a nice, quiet place to walk. I hope we can be more active here! 


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AHG outdoor skills practice was good til we got T-stormed out. They girls got in some good preparation and hang out time, and we all got home safely, so counting it all good. 

Nice to be clean and dry and off my feet. Jammies and mint tea and my book. 

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Hi guys!  Checking in late!  Hope you all had a nice Saturday!

This is our last weekend before school starts!

This morning, my kids' marching band played for the back-to-school event put on by the public schools.  In the evening, Kid1 had a soccer game.  In between, both kids have supposedly been doing their English homework that is due Monday.

I went to OfficeMax for school supplies while Kid1 was at soccer.  The main thing they needed was a specific calculator, but I picked up some other things.  I think they have everything they need, with the possible exception of some spiral notebooks, which they may want to choose for themselves.

I bought each of them a desk calendar so they can keep track of their own schedules.  We'll see how that goes.

One of my goals was to do an inventory of all the school supplies we already have.  I didn't accomplish this, but hopefully it will be easy to do tomorrow, before we do a final quick shopping and haircut trip.

So many things I wanted to do before school started ... as usual ....  We did accomplish some of it.  In my mind, I still intend to get the rest done, but our history with that is spotty ....

Before ending today, I should finalize some things about school year expectations and incentives, for discussion tomorrow.

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