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Daily Movement - Sunday, August 15 - The Farewell

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I'm going to go ahead and post below, in the name of closing out this chapter. However, since participation has dwindled, we'll be discontinuing these daily threads as of today. I intended to crash to party on the monthly Well-Trained Bodies thread, and I hope to see those who have been involved here make the leap with me to the other thread.

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Although we had been warned to expect storms all weekend, the weather has been surprisingly good. So, I was able to get out this morning and walk the next chunk of the West Orange Trail. I had originally planned/hoped to complete the trail by the end of August, but a couple of weekends of car trouble, weather and house chores got in the way. The plan now is to finish before the official meteorological end of summer on 9/22.

All of that to say that I did walk the next chunk this morning. Since I have finished the Disney summer 5K series, I am now free to just walk station to station. Today, I walked almost 7.7K/4.8 miles.

I counted today as my day off from strength and stretching, although I did spend a couple of hours working on unpacking/organizing chores around the house and garage.

Summer Splash Challenge Update: 387.8 of 500K
Daily Walking Streak: 169 Days
West Orange Trail: 15.65 of 22 miles



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Thank you for starting us off each day these months!

I did a short jog (no one was interesting in joining me, so I kept the distance low/nearby), then went on a walk with my parents and both teens. It was great weather and company. 

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