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Tackling Sunday Together


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Chris, if you decide you want a buddy to read it with, I’ve had it on my night table...

We skipped the aquarium yesterday and did the zoo and the beach instead. Today Navy Pier and the aquarium. 

The hotel pool was broke - huge bummer. Pizza was great and they had gf. Good day yesterday but definitely decided City living is not for me!! SO loud! 😉 

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Good morning everyone!! Today's plan:

Church-first service in new building-done

Grocery pickup-done

lunch-pick up somewhere-done

Go to the school-done

Clean the bathrooms

Anything else is fluff

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Good morning!

@BlsdMama, have fun! We love Chicago and have visited 4 times now. I don't know if you can eat middle eastern, but I love Naf Naf Grill that is up there (now has one in TN!). 

We are visiting another new church today. 

So I am still not vaccinated. I hesitated while I had all the RMSF going on, then I put it off with the moves. I have continued masking going indoors and trying to distance. Some of you may remember I have a documented vaccine injury in my family, so I have concerns with vaccines. But I do not want Covid. From what I've read, Moderna seems to be offering more protection with the Delta variant, so I'm going to get it later this afternoon. 

Last night I made a big to do list for this whole week, and I can't find it. I guess making a new one is first on the agenda after we get back home today. 


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Good morning!

We have spent the morning cleaning out the car -- we went to the Drive In Movies last night (saw Free Guy/Jungle Cruise as a double header), and it POURED during Free Guy, so we all climbed in the minivan, but left the chairs out, and then it stopped raining so we sat outside again, but the chairs, cooler, etc. got super muddy. So then the car did. And then we didn't get home until 2 am, so we left it all in the car. So this morning, cleaned it all out, hosed down everything, etc. 

So now I am/need to:
...eat food
...nap (b/c, bed at 2, up at 7)
...be sure I have everything ready for tomorrow (teacher work day)
...dinner -- pork chops
...laundry -- wash the blankets we took with us last night (they became water barriers so we could sit in the chairs again)
...board games with the kids
...anything I'm forgetting

Hope the day goes well! 

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We enjoyed the church a lot. It's actually the congregation I went to when I lived here after college, so I remembered a few people. 

We ate lunch out, and I just got the shot. 

Now to try and recreate the missing list.

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7 hours ago, TravelingChris said:

Good morning!

Read chapter 1 of Mere Christianity

Attend zoom Sunday School Class

watch Church

message rheumatologist- from yesterday

do more laundry

put away laundry

go to Botanical garden with ds and his fiancee

Instead of going to the garden,  dh and I met them for lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant.  They will be getting officially married in mid October but think they want the party/reception on Halloween.  

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Howdie, happy Sunday!

Well, as of last night, my girls have finally decided to start their summer English assignment, so that will be part of every day for this week.  I know I will get pushback, but I also intend to insist that they also do math, and today, church.  I hope there isn't too much fuss over it.

We haven't had internet service at our house for half a week, and they aren't coming out to look at it until Tuesday.  We're using our hotspots - 3 adults working + 2 kids trying to do school work.  (Just learned that on their Chromebooks, the kids can't even work offline on an independent document.  They have to be "signed in" the whole time.  Isn't that stupid?)


  • Slept in, yay!
  • Pup class, except he was so wound up that we left before it started.  I think it was too much, too soon after being kept in the house for 2 weeks.  Oh well.  I will contact the trainer people for advice on how to move forward.
  • Shopping and putting away groceries.
  • A little bit of house cleaning.
  • Walked the pup.
  • Told the kids what to expect as far as work for today!
  • Emailed school counselor - hoping to change kid's schedule so she has 1 study hall per semester.  Currently her second semester has study halls 2nd & 3rd period followed by 4th period lunch.  And no study halls 1st semester.  I hope the counselor can change this.
  • Emailed the owner of the dog training place.  Hoping they will come to our house for a private lesson.
  • A tiny bit of client work.

To do:

  • Lots of client work - August 15 deadline + prep for Monday!
  • All of the laundry!
  • Update calendar.
  • Figure out allowance scheme: combination of grades and being on time!
  • Night pup duty.
  • Sit with the kids and work on:
    • Calendar / discuss schedule and expectations for school year.
    • Church (online).
    • Math.
    • English assignment.
  • Whatever else gets done.
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Tried to take dh to look at a dining table I liked, but the store was closed. 

Worked on the list for this week. I feel like I've left something off.

Worked on lesson plans for my private student. He only has assignments through his co-op this week. I'll add in more subjects the next week. 

Cooked and ate dinner


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I finally finished filling out the calendar for my kids' fall extracurriculars ... now need to figure out what to do about the scheduling conflicts.  Looks like there are at least 3 soccer games and a number of soccer practices that my kid will miss.  Hope that doesn't get her in trouble.  😕

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