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Habit trackers similar to 1000 hours outside

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I have sedentary kids and would like to encourage more activity for all of us as we go into a new school year. I’m thinking an activity tracker similar to the sheets available from the 1000 hours outside page (but with fewer spaces) would maybe be fun for my artsy kids. I’d like to make each coloring “space” only 15 minutes so I don’t want too many spaces. I also would like to know how many spaces there are without having to count them up. Does anyone know of anything like this? There must be something but I can’t figure out how to search it. 

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This is a fun rabbit hole.  I googled.  Lots of cute, creative Kids Habit Tracker Sheets.

Erica Lucas (Minimalish Homeschool Mom = very inspiring & honest) has one for 100 walks. 


ETA:  Her youtube describes just making it "a walk" rather than a specific length, or every single day.


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Thanks! I hadn’t thought to google kid’s habit trackers. There are so many ways to google this. I want to do this myself too for some habits I’d like to work on. Seems like doing it with my teens would be a good idea. I’ve found close to what I want but not exactly so I may just modify something meant for another purpose. 

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