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SOTW - If you could add one more chapter...

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If you could pick one extra chapter for Susan Euler to write for Story of the World, what would it be about?   (Or, if you prefer, if you could add one chapter to each volume, what would it be about?).
I would add a chapter on the Han Dynasty in Volume I.   The chapter would definitely include the story of how the Silk Road Started. I know the Silk Road is dealt with in Volume II but I don't think they have anything about it's origins, which is just a fascinating story (google Zhang Qian for more on that).   It would also include something about the Mandate of Heaven and the various inventions and advances that happened during the Han Dynasty.   
How about you...what would you add if you could have her add just one more chapter?

(Susan Euler was not involved in the writing of this question...but I hope she listens in).
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I'd add a proper chapter on Indigenous Australia, as the oldest continuing cultures in the world. I even sent Susan a copy of Bruce Pascoe's 'Dark Emu.' She couldn't add a chapter like this, though, or the Young Earth creationists would stop buying.


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It's been years since we read SOTW, but Churchill was left out of everything I was exposed to as a student. Other than a quick mention.

I can't remember if he was included in SOTW, I'll check.

For now, this book The Splendid and the Vile: A Saga of Churchill, Family, and Defiance during the Blitz by Erik Larson completely changed how I thought about WWII.

Forever, I'd thought the U.S. was the reigning good guy -- and in many ways, yes  -- but Churchill held the Nazis back on his own for years.

England and the English people were bombed and attacked again and again.

The book just came out, but I wish I had read it as a teen.

I highly recommend reading. It's a page-turner!

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