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Equipping Minds manual is not enough

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I purchase the Equipping Minds manual with flash drive video training. Based on the descriptions, this is all you would need too implement the program. However, after watching all the videos, reading the manual, and starting the program with my kids, there are gaps in the training. I am guessing at how to do specifics. During the training videos, she refers to the ROSES program several times. Is ROSES the only way to get complete training? I'm tired of trying to piece it together. I like the program and want to implement, but not excited about spending another $1000. Any suggestions? Am I missing something?


Marcy in NC

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I got mine a few years ago with dvd instead of flash drive. But I doubt that makes a difference.  I did not need ROSES to do this at home. I did need to give myself grace for learning curve.  I had to do several dry runs with one of my children who didn't need the program to have practice time.  It boiled down to me using the page that was called Daily Training Schedule for Individuals and Groups as my daily guide of what to do. It's page 25 in the manual/workbook that I have. But then again, my copies were printed a few years back so page numbers might not mean as much. In sections that had 5 games grouped together, I would do one of them on Monday and the next on Tuesday. so on.  (That's like wher eit says to spend 10 minutes on Qwitch, SET, Blink, spot it, deck of cards.  I'd spend 10 minutes on one of them, then next day 10 minutes on another similar game on the list)

I also would break it into two half hour sessions.

What specifics are you guessing at? maybe we have collective ideas


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no personal experience there as my child was reading when we did it. While waiting for answers here, if it were me trying to figure it out for me: 1. I'd at least skip Set 2 for now and not worry about trying to get the speed of set 1 and 2 to match. There's plenty of thinking and memory skills with the do up to 20 directions on set 1.  and I'd look for some other way to do the directional stroop with arrows instead of words and skip the color one until they can read those words.  I might even hold off on that specific exercise until child is reading or has word recognition. of those specific color words.  I might contact Carol Brown's company directly and ask if they have suggestions for modification of that exercise for non readers.  hoping someone on here has specific been there to help.  my child was reading enough to do that. sorry can't be of more help to modify it for that need.

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We are just about to get started with Equipping Minds and so I am going off just what I remember from all the training videos I saw.  I agree with cbollin to skip it for now.  I seem to recall listening to Carol mention once that you could skip some things for non-readers.  I remember something specifically said about non-readers and that activity (stroop animals activity), but don't remember if I saw it in discussion on the DVD or the free YouTube videos where she had a free 8-week training session and some people asked questions that were at the in-person training.  Carol Brown was very helpful the one time we did a zoom call with her.  I wouldn't be afraid to call them if needed.

Roses designed to have an online access to a video demonstration of each step for each activity along with tracking capabilities of where you are in each area.  Once you have the teacher's manual and student book, it doesn't cost the $1000.  It is $500-800 depending on whether you select to have 12 sessions with a trained therapist to get you started.  I've looked at this in case I need help as we get started on this program.  We were going to start this week, but too many got sick in our household.  We'll pick it up once everyone is healthy again.

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