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Inspirational (Christian?) Books for young teen boy

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I'm looking for a few more books for my son's reading list. He's an incoming 9th grader, and on the young side socially and emotionally. But I'm looking for an Inspirational book or two for him to read this school year. Christian is great, but not necessary. It seems that many I find are about dealing with girls/dating and such, and he's nowhere near that mentally. 

I think I'm looking for non-fiction or biography (the fiction section of his assigned reading is full), and around the topics of responsibility, helping others, being the best you can be, working hard at the tasks your given, those sort of inspirational, motivational ideas. (and not sure if I've made it clear, but written to the teen, not a curriculum or a "how to help your teen .....").


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Unbroken or The Boys in the Boat (young readers version? Preread before handing him the regular edition of Unbroken.)

Christian missionary bios like Bruchko or God’s Smuggler?

7 Habits or something by Cal Newport?

Do Hard Things?

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My boys have all enjoyed Mover of Men and Mountains by R. G. LeTourneau. It's an autobiography, I believe. A few other inspirational books they have really liked are And the Word Came With Power by Joanne Shetler, and The Hiding Place.

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