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Daily Movement - Saturday, July 31

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I did an experiment last night and took one of the muscle relaxers my neurologist/nurse practitioner wanted me to try. The neuropathy was bugging me more than usual, and I didn't need to wake up early. (I had been warned that the drug might make me sleepy.) I did sleep more than usual (almost 7 hours), but I also literally walked into walls more than once just trying to get dressed, put on shoes and get outside with the dog to walk. I had to ask my husband to drive our bonus young adult to work, because I didn't feel safe to get behind the wheel. Even now, four hours after I rolled out of bed, I'm unpleasantly wobbly. 

And, as a bonus, my back actually hurts more than usual.

So, we'll be skipping the muscle relaxers in the future, I think.

Anyway, we walked 3.38K, and I did about 25 minutes with the weights and resistance bands while my husband drove bonus young adult to work. I would have needed to skip the leg/arm exercises if I had been on deck for driving, so that was a nice side effect.

Busy afternoon and evening coming up, so it'll probably be another one of those "just get the steps done" days.


Summer Splash Challenge Update: 288.7 of 500K
Daily Walking Streak: 154 Days
West Orange Trail: 10.85 of 22 miles

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@Jenn in FL So sorry about the muscle relaxers. That’s how they work with me as well. We have a licensing inspection on Monday so I am focusing on getting the house shipshape. It’s definitely a do-something-anything!-day for me. I am aiming for a post-dinner walk.

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Ugh, sorry about the muscle relaxers! You can try a half dose, I've known people that do that, who are sensitive to them. I'm not..they don't make me wobbly at all although they do give me a bit of groggy feeling in the morning. BUT they give me the munchies, and I think I sleep so hard that I end up sore from not moving all night, just in different places than I was sore when I went to bed! (like, I'll take it for my back/hip but wake up with a sore arm because I tucked it under me without moving all night)

My doctor asks if I need a refill each time I see him...and a one month bottle lasts me at least 6 months. I only take it when I am desperate and can't sleep without it. 

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