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Tackling Friday Together


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TGIF! Cloudy and cooler here today. Maybe rain this afternoon? 


Ds to orthodontist appt.  


AHG stuff  


Dd and her friend to a play. Across town in Friday traffic. Ugh. 

Need to figure out a gift for a friend with a birthday coming up. 

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Hooray for the last day of VBS, Scout! And good luck on the Friday traffic driving. so not my favorite, but can't be avoided sometimes. ((hugs))

My day today:
...eat something
...go teach the 5 yr old
....come home, eat lunch
....go meet a prospective student for fall; his mom wants me to make sure he's ready for K
....come home, hopefully round everyone up and go to Ikea (DH is doing meetings since I'll be gone, so hopefully we both are done at the same time and can make Ikea happen)
....dinner tonight -- a chicken lasagna (and some to share with the neighbors)
....after dinner -- should be a video game/sewing night, depending on what Olympics stuff is on (DH likes to catch swimming finals, and fencing, and I like gymnastics; we have all of it recording, so we sit down in the evening and sort out what's viewable)

Probably will not get anything but the above done, but if so, I need to actually put away the laundry (still waiting), and maybe do some more prep things. Oh, stop at the big HEB to look for my mats on the way home from seeing the new student. 

Have a good day everyone! 

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DD had a healthy 9lb 2oz little girl yesterday. 🥰  

Took 16yo to work 

Dentist appointment this AM with 15yo.

Drop off girls to watch littles while Dad takes their oldest to see baby sister. 

Pickup an order

Haircut for myself and 17yo at noon


Pick up DS and hopefully the girls. Double check DS’ pack and food because he leaves for a backpacking trip tomorrow AM early.  

Leftovers (again) until they’re gone. DH replaced the washer last night so three days of laundry 😳 today. 

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Howdie, happy Friday!

I had better get on the ball work-wise today.

I started off OK, other than not getting up as early as intended.  I did my full "yoga+" routine for the first time in too many weeks.


  • Slept enough, I think.
  • Yoga+.
  • A little bit of reading.
  • A little bit of house cleaning and pup stuff.
  • A little client work.
  • Caught up on emails, news, calendar, and social media.
  • Working on coffee 1.

To do:

  • Lots more client work.
  • More coffee.
  • Laundry and kitchen.
  • Make the kids do some work.
  • Kids might want to go swimming.
  • Evening pup duty.
  • Housemates want us all to go somewhere for the evening, and they want to leave before my usual work day ends.  We'll see ....
  • Whatever else gets done.
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Okay, the little girl is not feeling well, so my morning is cancelled, so now I will do all the things I've been neglecting. 

Congrats on the healthy baby girl grandbaby, Kelly! So glad mom/baby are healthy!

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@BlsdMama, so happy for you! What a blessing! 

We visited New Salem this morning, the town Abraham Lincoln spent several young adult years in. 

We are now on the road going to Wheaton, IL, to spend the weekend with friends. 

I hope you all have a great afternoon and fun and relaxing weekend! 

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Okay, that was a fun afternoon, except now I'm ticked off at the so-called preschool where this precious mom had her son. I spent 2 hours with them, and just did not see really anything that the school had convinced her of. But they sent home a note saying they want to help because they want to be a place where kids love learning.   Yes, I was observing him at his house, not at school, but still.....in 2 hours some of the behaviors, delays, etc., would have been evident. They were not.

So now I'm home and we are going to Ikea finally! Yay! (masked. and maybe not eating there, b/c Delta. Sigh.. But still, Ikea!)

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