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DS22 has Covid


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5 hours ago, ktgrok said:

Y'all will appreciate this...every morning he texts me a photo of the thermometer and pulse oximeter with his numbers saying, "not dead yet" then asks if I can bring him coffee, lol. And I've taken to texting him a photo of his "delivery" like amazon and Shipt. 


Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 11.57.09 AM.png

Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 11.58.12 AM.png

I think you're making quarantine as fun as it could possibly be!

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4 hours ago, popmom said:

I'm really sorry he's sick. I'm late to the thread but wanted to mention in case it helps anyone else out in the future--A single hose portable AC unit actually creates a negative pressure situation. Just a thought.


I didn’t know that! Thanks!

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He is still doing fine. No other symptoms. Just slight congestion that may or may not be from Covid vs allergies and loss of smell. 

He misses his cat (we are not that worried about cat transmitting or catching it, but cat is scared of the plastic isolation curtains we made, so won't go back there anyway), so I made him this. 


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