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Daily Movement - Wednesday, July 28 (With an Important Note)

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First, a wave hello to those who participate regularly!

However, I would love to see these threads be a lot more active, so I want to remind everyone of our mission statement:

These threads are for those who'd like accountability and encouragement in doing intentional daily movement. Anyone may join in at any time!

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This may be the theme for this week, but I overslept again this morning (while still managing to actually log only five hours?) and had to rush a bit through the morning exercise routine.

I managed my unofficial minimum of 3.2K and about 25 minutes of time on the floor with weights and resistance bands. I have a busy day of work and the final three-hour session of my online class this afternoon, but I will figure out some way to at least get to my step goal before bedtime. I'm not promising myself anything more than that.


Summer Splash Challenge Update: 271.9 of 500K
Daily Walking Streak: 151 Days
West Orange Trail: 10.85 of 22 miles

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10 hours ago, ktgrok said:

I'll join back in. 

I was frazzled most of the day, but did take time to do a 30 minute DDPY workout - and actually nailed some balance moves I hadn't before, so yay!

So sorry about the frazzling (although it's totally understandable!). Glad to see you back, and congrats on the workout.

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Just now, Jenny in Florida said:

For the record: I did exactly as much as I committed to and not more. In spite of iffy weather, I took a chance and went out for an evening walk; my Fitbit buzzed to let me know I had made my daily step goal just as I turned the corner back onto our block.

I know that relief of the buzz! The other day I was in my pajamas doing Richard Simmons, and I stopped as soon as I got the buzz from my apple watch!

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