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I Got a UTI Treated For $19 In Under 2 Hours


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I don't have insurance and UTI's used to be a huge financial burden for me. If I'm remembering correctly $100-$150 to walk in the door, and another $40 for the test. I waited in the urgent care waiting room for hours to go back and be lectured by someone who believed I didn't understand basic hygiene. Not my idea of fun.

I have my first UTI in maybe 5 years and found K Health. It took 20 minutes to set up, 10 minutes to talk to a doctor and I had my meds an hour later. I paid $19 for the visit, nothing for the account and the meds were free. No test. I'm not sure if it's medical negligence or brilliant but I am one happy customer.

They have a plan where they assign you a primary care provider for $9/mo, unlimited visits. I have no opinion on that. They do work with labs and will have you take tests if applicable. I hope this information helps you.


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1 minute ago, Seasider too said:

By the way I read your thread title and thought it was sales spam until I recognized you as a regular poster. 😂

Lol! I am not a sales person, nor do I play one on TV. Just spreading my personal business across the internet as per usual.

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13 minutes ago, fraidycat said:

That's a fantastic service for common issues that can really be self-diagnosed and a person just needs to get a scrip.

I hope you feel better soon! UTI's are awful.

Thanks! I have Azo, which abates symptoms for 3 days, so I'm totally fine. I think Azo is $8 and Uristat is $12. Both fix symptoms only and change your urine color.

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