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Hubby says no to vacation during school

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So, we have not been on a vacation for 3 years, plus Covid kept us in. For two weeks straight over 2 months ago I tried to book a vacu for the family but hubby kept saying he forgot to check his calendar. Those dates were for right before school started. Each day,, the place we wanted kept getting booked up.. He procrastinated and purposely puts things off that I care about. So I get notice that I have to take off 9/1-9/3 for work as the practice is closed and I need to use my pto. So I try again and he says he has to check his schedule. So, this time I booked it. He then gets furious with me that I should have let him check his calendar and we can't go bc he doesn't want our sons to miss school, especially my 6th grader who is entering middle school. He would miss a Wed through Friday and it would be the 2nd week of school. I already reached out and one of his teachers from elementary school said it's fine bc its early in the years and many teachers will still be using online from COVID-19 and it will be a fun and educational experience. She said they can do their work on the way down there and back and 3 days is not a big deal. Hubby doesn't care. I buried my mom last month and I jut really need this vacation. I already booked it and it will cost over 400 bucks a night and there's no cancelation refund allowed now. Keep in mind, my husband bought a 581 dollar a month car with an 8 year payment plan after I explicitly explained that was too expensive. He texted me a picture of it in the driveway. I'm not trying to do tit for tat. It happened in 2019, but I told him he's just going to have to be pissed. I can tell the kids feel uncomfortable about it. My eldest may even try to bail just to please his dad. My youngest who is 9 will just be sad and quiet. I'm so sad. We are planning to stay in a treehouse. There's a first for smores and hotdogs, a hot tub. It feels like you're sleeping outside, but in luxury. We were going to go apple picking, go gem mining and learn about the rocks we find and see my friend as she is planning to meet up with us as its halfway to her house and I haven't seen her since covid. Am I a horrible mom? Person? Spouse? Do I fake unemployment to cancel the trip. Do I go? How do I handle everything if I do go against his wishes. I'm scared of how he will react. He can be really emotionally mean.Screenshot_20210712-222102_Chrome.thumb.jpg.c449333ac10be97f893d8348a7aac921.jpg

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