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Tackling Thursday Together


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Good morning!

Today is less busy than yesterday, with much less driving, and that is good.

AHG Board Zoom  

Tutor 1 student online and log session.  

Bills and budget 

Ds to an appointment  

Change mom’s NYT delivery!  

Dinner is ribs, corn, beans, and tomatoes. 

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Good morning everyone!! Today's plan:



Work on the bedroom-done

Pick up some groceries-done

Make tuna salad for lunch

Make salads

Dinner-pork chops maybe-done

Make some phone calls for MIL (FIL law passed away Tuesday, so taking care of business)-done

Work in kitchen

Clean the floors

Buy a new shower curtain liner

Whatever I am forgetting

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Good morning! 

We visited a state park yesterday that was a gem to find! It's in a little town near Lexington (Fort Harrod). The interpretive speakers were amazing in their knowledge of their craft and the history of the area. The museum there housed hand written letters from Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Daniel Boone. They have the original cabin that Lincoln's parents were married in. It was so good! 

I made breakfast and am finishing up some coffee now. 

We need to get ready and pack up. 

We are going to another historic site today on our way to Ohio. We'll stay with my mother-in-law this weekend and head out on vacation next week. 

I hope everyone has a great day. 

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Okay, my day.....

...go work with the little boy -- need to figure out some more interactive things he can do, he's starting to get antsy and I'm running out of ideas
...come home, go with a friend to a museum with her granddaughter (the 5 yr old I teach/tutor)
....come home from that, do laundry
....this afternoon/evening, go to Ikea finally -- bar stools, and book shelves, and meatballs for dinner
....tonight, veg out at home after Ikea
....somewhere in there, pick up my car from the dealership, assuming they could find/fix the brake noise

Have a good day everyone! 

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Howdie!  I missed this thread yesterday.  It was such a busy day, and I like unloading on those days, LOL.  A housemate decided to invite a prospective maid service over at 10am (to give a quote), and she told me about this the night before, meaning I had to do a lot of cleaning.  Besides that, it was garbage day, I had to do laundry for the kids' Wednesday morning sports, and some other things had me stressed out.  I ended up hardly sleeping in order to make everything work.  Other Wednesday accomplishments included the kids' annual vision appointments, several informational phone calls, dropping the kids' sports physicals at school, assembling pup's new indoor play pen, doing math and church with my kids, and a long phone call with one of my sisters.  Didn't get much client work done though ....

Today should be a bit more relaxed, but hopefully that means I will finish some client work.


  • Morning pup duty, including a little bit of exercise.
  • Kid2 to horse riding.
  • Some personal organizing.
  • A small amount of client work / business discussions.
  • Caught up on calendar, emails, news, and social media.

To do:

  • Lots of client work.
  • More pup duty & exercise.
  • Kid2 to eyeglass place re new prescription.
  • Kid1 to soccer.
  • Math and English with kids.
  • Hopefully some laundry, housework, and maybe start closet cleaning with Kid2.
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Well, no Ikea, b/c the car is not ready (we cannot fit our potential Ikea purchases in the sedan or the CR-V, so have to wait on the minivan).  Sigh. I am "slightly" (a lot) annoyed with Toyota over this, bc it should have, I would have thought, been simple but either it's something more involved than we thought, or they are dragging their feet, or.....????? Two days thus far and all the report we keep getting is "we aren't sure yet" (but with a feeling of "because we haven't thoroughly looked yet"). Grrrr. 

So, next up for tonight:
....start laundry
....cook dinner (sloppy joes, or beefy mac, or burritos)
....find something to do and veg out

The museum trip with my friend was fun; the 5 yr old had a good time, and I enjoyed the time with both of them. I felt a little bad that the 5 yr old was hanging out with me a little more than with grandma, but grandma said not to worry about it. I still tried to involve grandma as much as I could. 

Hopefully we hear something soon on the car (they were going to call back in 45 mins, but that was 65 mins ago now.....). 


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Sorry for the vehicle repair hassle, Reader.


I got to the grocery, refilled the bird feeder, reminded kids of chores, and talked to mom.

And started a new list with the things I couldn’t get at the store I went to.

Working on pool plans for tomorrow night.

Dinner is almost ready.

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Ugh, I'm having that client dread thing again.  Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have time to analyze the issues and contact the authorities to at least have a game plan.  I am too old for this.

I finished several reports today, so it is a relatively successful day so far.

Now I need to go walk the dog.

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Prep cooking done: pasta salad, vinaigrette, taco meat, all cooked. Rotisserie chx pulled. Cleaned up the kitchen including tidying pantry shelves.

Sent a few emails. 

Discussed tomorrow evening’s plans with Dd. 

Making tea and headed to bed to read soon. 

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