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Air Purifier?


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With things ramping up, I’m looking into getting a few of these: one for DS18 moving into suite-style dorms with 7 roommates in about a month, and one for me - recently returned back to the office and now have to share a 10x14-ish space with a new hire. 

What brands and styles do you have and like? How effective are these against COVID? (We’re all fully vaxxed at my house, just getting a little nervous and want to be proactive if things continue on the current trajectory). Thanks!

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I have this guy by Medify: https://www.amazon.com/Medify-Medical-Filtration-Air-Purifier/dp/B086T3RJV6/ref=bmx_lh3mot9o_2/136-7603924-4327402?pd_rd_w=0KzF2&pf_rd_p=1f75fbb3-7d95-464f-8182-952155c0316b&pf_rd_r=ZADXF0GP48MTCGSNCV4J&pd_rd_r=2fc7f6e3-289c-4d53-a41c-0199ba6de91e&pd_rd_wg=ZhOAu&pd_rd_i=B086T3RJV6&psc=1

I'm not sure how effective it is against Covid specifically, but I kept one in my office all year at school and every time the custodian checked the air quality in my room, it was always the best in the school by a wide margin. So much so that our school secretary got one for her office after the air quality there was terrible. It improved a lot after she got it. Also, it got rid of the middle school stink - my office is near both the gym and the cafeteria and it helped a lot!

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