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TEFOS executive function online conference

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Who is the audience? Like @kbutton says, it's some popular names. They're hitting so much, it may be kind of generic. If I go to OCALICON and do lectures on EF, they're usually nitty gritty. For instance I don't think you're seeing the author of https://www.amazon.com/FLIPP-Switch-2-0-Mastering-Executive/dp/1942197632/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=flipp+2.0&qid=1626927276&sr=8-2  in this guy's list, because these authors are writing to professionals. 

I think there's a difference between parents wanting to be informed so they can hire someone else to do the work vs. parents (like us) wanting to know how to do the work. I've done a Sarah Ward workshop and it was great. It was paid and it was multiple hours. There's no way people are handing over their proprietary stuff in this short time.

So I guess figure out audience and what you're hoping to get. The price is certainly right. 

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7 hours ago, PeterPan said:

Who is the audience? 

The website says: What is the mission of TEFOS? To help parents and other concerned adults, help their children better navigate school & life through better Executive Function.

I guess given the length of talks it might be a sort of overview or sampler?

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