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Accountability Thread 7/18-7/24

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Morning! This is a planned week off school for us. I need to do a lot of decluttering and cleaning, but also reading, catching up on some drafting, and so forth. Also, I have one day planned for lake time, and there might be two.

Today's goals:

House: chores, decluttering in the master bedroom continues, one shelf and drawer at a time. Hope to be in cabinets later this week.

Cooking: pizza night, refrigerator needs cleaning, and I may go ahead and work out the decluttering plan for that area of the house (August's work)

School: none, but I need to do some planning later this week

Gardens: got some rain, but I need to water containers and peppers today.

Writing: planning some fall drafting to go along with the revision plans, drafting in one book, reading the full draft of something else I need to send off tomorrow, and Beta reading.

Art: class today. I think I'm going to do some sketches and possibly paint another scene from one of my books


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Good morning!

We're back from vacation and it was lovely.  Dh and I got away, just the two of us - a bit of a rarity here.

On to today:

The yard work that built up over the last week


Grocery shop

Make cookies

Figure out dinner

Work on putting DS's art stuff together

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Evening!  am chunking through leftovers from Saturday, with addition of:

  • fitness for boys
  • fitness for me
  • dinner: souffles. 

leftover stuff ...

  1. RPG:
    1. next session plan
    2. short wrap-ups for 2, maybe 3 possible endings to session
    3. system shift? spend 15-30"
  2. House:
    1. look over kitchen stuff
  3. Homeschooling:
    1. Planning
    2. Prep
  4. Time with family -- just spend some.
    1. elder -- hard today.  Maybe tomorrow? 
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Good morning!

The rain keeps threatening and never appearing, so I'm going to chance working outside more today.  Yesterday I was out there for 3 hours, raking, burning, and mowing.


Woodchuck proof the garden, weed the front beds

Run to Target for more staples and Michael's for more organization boxes and art supplies

Start planning out science/watch the videos on Georgia PBS

Clean the basement



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Morning. We are done with the rain, so it's sunny and hot again. 

Today's goals:

House: chores, decluttering

School: register for next year homeschool (the last one)

Gardens: watering

Cooking: chicken fried steaks, broccoli, potatoes. I may bake banana bread because I need to.

Writing: hoo boy. Lots to do today. I have three novels with work to do today: two with revision of submission materials, one with reading and preparing for revisions, and one for drafting.

Extra: I have errands in town today.

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Afternoon! I've spent much of the morning cleaning and trying to keep the kitten from killing herself. She's in an extra destructive mode today.


House: chores, decluttering (almost done)

School: register for homeschool (didn't get to it yesterday)

Cooking: pizza night

Garden: watering, containers (done)

Writing: work on a submission thing, drafting, writers' meeting, Beta read (did the Beta read today)

Extra: stuff in town later

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It's hot and humid out today.  If I had a kid home I'd take him swimming.  I don't have a kid home, though.  Not a one. 😁 Dh and I are amazed at the phenomenon that when things get put away, THEY STAY PUT AWAY! 🤣

House: finish organizing the basement containers.  There are things in there we definitely don't need anymore.

Garden: staple the anti-woodchuck fence to the wood border, weed the yard.

School: continue planning science

Cooking: none.  Nope. Dh made dinner for the two of us already.  We're trying out a new wrap to have a healthy option for road trips.  So, it'll sit in the fridge for a few hours and we'll taste it around dinner time.

Tutoring: did it, but the breakdown worksheets I made for today need some tweaking before Thursday.  I'm teaching multi-digit multiplication in incremental steps, but found an extra step needed.


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Evening, y'all. 

Today saw essentials done, hurrah!  and various scut-work related to my RPG. 

Left: stories for boys; catch up with DH; yoga or something. 

And kicking it of tomorrow: start with fitness for boys, some fitness for me while they work a bit, some RPG, some house, then go over the Bigger Picture. 

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Good morning!

I get a kid back today.  He's flying in at lunchtime, which gives me another few hours with dh alone.

Today's an easy day.  Work on school stuff for ds, work on fun projects, do some banking.


Oh, and those wraps dh made yesterday were a HIT.  I don't even like wraps (I don't eat flour tortillas), but these were so good and definitely going on our road trip food list.

Filling, all mixed together:

  • grilled chicken chunks
  • avocado chunks
  • diced mango
  • crumbled bacon
  • salt & pepper
  • lime juice

Wrap part:

  • spinach wraps, coated with plain Greek yogurt, and then lettuce on top of that, before the filling is spooned in and rolled.

Everything was still the right texture 4 hours after making them, so we can definitely have them as car food.

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Morning. It's going to be a hot one, I think.

Today's goals:

House: chores, decluttering tasks

School: planning today for one hour or so.

Gardens: watering. Maybe an errand for fungal spray for the watermelons.

Cooking: taco meat and so forth. I might make flan for something cool and sweet, and I need to bake banana bread.

Writing: drafting, work on two queries for two different projects, finish my Beta read and type up my thoughts, and set up my August revision plan. Looks like two projects, both smallish, so maybe a 120,000 word month, not counting any drafting I do (but I may not do a whole lot in August).

Extra: errands in town.

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Morning! A day off yesterday was nice. It was hot--too hot--but nice. We even got rain at dinner, which was extra nice, as all the sunshine was really depressing.

Today's goals:

House: chores, decluttering (stepping this up, because I want to finish this room and move to the kitchen/dining/laundry room for August)

Cooking: BBQ brisket, possibly something for dessert, but haven't decided what that will be yet, if anything.

Gardens: watering, always watering

School: planning today

Writing: continue reading a first draft that I need to finish, but must read through to where I stopped in early July. That's it. Taking it easy on my creative self this week and next.

Extra: town errands later, prepping for next week's oppressive heat

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Yay, rain!  Imagining some for us, too. 

This week has seen some progress: I'm figuring out my RPG so that it is more fun + less work going forward, and am finding folks to help with it.  Yay! 

And I'm sketching the shape of our school to come. 

Today has foci:

  1. fitness (boys)
  2. fitness (me)
  3. house: work in!
  4. garden: keep stuff alive; have idea of what need from nursery
  5. school: math, writing for elder; Latin, music & other for younger; for me: grade work
  6. food: dinner....????  Prob. grilled pizza, some sort of dessert. 

ETA:  start working though periodical backlog; just read much as I can of one each day. 

Edited by serendipitous journey
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Good morning!

School: I bit the bullet and ordered the reproducible activity sheets and enrichment books for science this year.  It'll save me some time copying the activity pages instead of making them.

Home: laundry.  Mostly all of ds's stuff from camp.  13 days, and the total in his dirty laundry bag was 4 pairs of pants/shorts, 4 shirts, and 1 pair of underwear.  Blech.  I am still washing the other 9 days' worth of things that sat in his bag with a mildewing towel on top.

Cooking: grocery shopping first.  We're trying out a local farm stand that acts as a mini farmer's market.  Oldest ds's last dinner at home is tonight and he has asked for steak.



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