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Bleached black pants at an unfortunate spot


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I think it must be benzoyl peroxide which Dd uses about 3-4 times per week. How it even got there is beyond me. Initially I thought it was something else, but after washing and then proceeding to use Tide to remove it, and washing it again, I think it must be the acne medication. 

Has anyone had luck with Rit dye? These pants are fairly new, so I would like to save them. If it were any other spot, she would wear them. 


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As long as it's not on the short list of fabrics it won't work on, Rit will solve the problem nicely. The fabric list is on their website, and black is an easy color. 

If it were more of a true black than it appears in the picture, I'd tell you to just Sharpie it and throw it in the dryer to set. Maybe a gray Sharpie? You could try it and then do the Rit if it doesn't work. I've Sharpie many an item of clothing over the years, and my kids used to make t-shirts that way. 

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