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Tackling Saturday Together


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Good morning! 

We still need to make some reservations and final plans for the last week of our traveling this sojourner summer, my nickname for it. 

I need to set up new Google classrooms for this year’s classes. 

Do some research on managing my private student’s assignments since it will be for all his subjects. 

Research buying a new laptop. 

Play some games and maybe watch something with my sister and her husband. 

Have a great day, everyone! 

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Good morning! 
We are all taking a leisurely morning, getting up slowly. Need to make coffee! 

Need to make sure the house is cleaned today, esp vacuuming and bathrooms.


  • Dd to a movie with friends for her belated b’day celebration.  
  • Clothes to consignment shop  
  • Check in on mom  
  • Dd and friends to Jeni’s for ice cream  
  • Figure out dinner. 
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Howdie, happy weekend!

I decided not to go visit my folks today, because we have a sinus thing going on - minor for us, but not sure it would be minor for them.

I was also too lazy to go to TKD, and the kids' car wash was canceled.  So we are very boring today!


  • Slept in.
  • A little bit of pup duty.
  • Kid2 to horse riding.
  • A little bit of laundry.
  • Caught up on news, emails, calendar, and social media.

To do:

  • Go with Kid1 to pick up Kid2 and go eat somewhere.
  • Cell phone repair shop.
  • Maybe go buy the girls some jeans for school.
  • Evening pup duty.
  • Math with the girls.
  • Get the girls started on their summer writing assignment for school.
  • Whatever else gets done.
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Consignment shop was not a success. Their inventory is high, so not taking much. Two things out of two trash bags full. I got three things for Ds and spent $25 after my sales. Not bad for what I got, but still.

Dropping the unsold items at thrift. No time for consignment sales anymore. Too much work. Content to just get stuff out of my house! 

I always pray that my donations will be a blessing to someone when I thrift things.

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Dh and I have discussed our travels but haven't nailed down which days where enough to make reservations.

Dh, sister, and I went out to lunch at a Thai/sushi restaurant. Thankfully, they had some milder Chinese dishes because I don't eat Thai nor sushi. 

I made the Google classrooms. I have used Evernote in the past for ds' assignments, so I may use that for the private student, too. 

Walmart has a nice HP laptop for under $300 I may consider. 

My sister is taking a nap. 

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@SKL Sorry for the drama! Some here too, boy version. 


Dinner was good and the kitchen is tidy. 
Culled my inbox a bit.
Tried to do a few admin things, but customer service for the NYT, AT&T, and NPT are not available. 

Giving up on work and shifting to relaxing things for the evening. 

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