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Disabilities services in Oregon


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We're happy with the services our 24 yo dd receives. She needs assistance with all activities of daily living--feeding, diapers, she's nonverbal and in a wheelchair, seizures and seizure meds, wears orthotics. I can have up to 400 hours per month for her care I think, based on assessment of how much help she needs. I was able to return to work a few years ago because this care is available. We have a contract with a company that provides the care providers and does their training and background checks. And they have to have a steady supply of people as this is a high turnover industry. The invoices go directly to (someone else--county health department developmental disabilities I think?? Her case manager is there). Let's just say the hourly rate is way more than I earn--I couldn't work without this support. We only use this to provide care while my dh and I work. We do her care the rest of the time. But we're also only using maybe half our hours. She has SSI and medicaid (which pays for her diapers); there is really so much more support for disabled adults than there is for disabled kids. I think Oregon is a pretty good place for her to live, but I don't know how it compares to CA directly.


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Or did you mean paying parents to care for their child? I've known of people who can do this, but someone else has to be the legal guardian of the child I believe. I don't remember details, but the mom of a classmate of hers was paid to care for her (and sisters were care providers too), but I think Grandma was the legal guardian.

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