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Let’s Tackle Friday Together


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Hello Tackling Friends,

I am glad that it is the last day of football camp for Ds. He’s enjoyed it and learned a lot, but the driving is a huge pain for me.

Boy to camp  

Get emissions test on my car  

Deskwork! Only a teeny bit

Boy home from camp A friend got him for me! 

Check on mom in her new place.  

Call AT&T again to get her phone set up. 

Dh and I are going out to dinner to a new burger place with friends. 


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Hi, Scout!  Glad you will be done with the driving soon! And good luck with the phone, and enjoy your night out! Fun! We are in desperate need of a night out around here.....

My day today:

....go teach the 5 yr old (try and see if they are actually putting her in my class, or not; they have to register her officially, and they've not done so)
....lunch -- leftovers, I think
....dinner -- not sure....?
....K science worksheets (finish 2nd quarter)
....after dinner, probably the guys will video game, so I can sew or watch TV
....anything I'm forgetting

Have a good day, everyone! 

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Home from teaching the 5 yr old, and they did give me her registration papers for my class, and they want me to keep coming on Fridays as well, so yay!

Had lunch -- dh made homemade tortillas to use up the leftover taco meat, so that was good

Took a nap

Started today's laundry

Now getting to work on the science stuff

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FINISHED!!!! with the worksheets/print outs for K Science, for the 1st Semester! Wahoo!! Next week I'll prep my notes for the new schedule, get those ready, etc. and also make sure I have the hand-outs ready for Orientation next month. I need all of that stuff done before the 1st & 2nd grade science gets here, so I can get those done. Hmm, matter of fact, maybe I'll do that now.....

Time to switch laundry, and then I have some sewing time -- need to cut out pieces for the current project. DH is mowing, so when he finishes, if there's time between that and dinner, we'll probably play our video game. Then he's cooking meatballs (not sure his plan on that). 


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Howdie, happy Friday!

I was up most of the night because I promised to send out a client project.  Since I was up, I decided to take first shift pup duty.  But after I sent out a few work items, I went back to bed.  So the day hasn't been very productive.  I have a couple more things I may or may not send out today.

I have applications to sign up for a fall "disaster preparedness" course with my daughters.  On one hand, it's a personal item that I should not do during work hours.  On the other hand, there are limited seats (and it's free, so more applicants likely), so I want to get my app in as early as possible.

Also, in the wee hours, I was reading through the newsletter of a nearby county's metroparks, and discovered a thing called "BioClub" for teens interested in biology.  A bit of research shows that there is a nearby chapter, but not much info beyond that.  I emailed someone for more info.

And I downloaded a bunch of stuff regarding a book my kids are supposed to read and analyze over the summer (Ethan Frome).  We are reading the audiobook, but the level of required analysis is beyond what a 14yo is going to get from an audiobook.  I am hoping to make this experience as beneficial as possible ....

I have a load of whites in the wash.  My kids demand clean underwear.  I suppose that's a good thing ....

Completed some school sports forms with the kids, and discussed plans for the next 7 days.

Evening plans include dinner out followed by a movie at the theater (first in a very long time).  They want to see Black Widow.

No point trying to do any kid math or writing today.


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Put away the jeans from the dryer (were waiting from yesterday, not today's load)

got the next load in the dryer, and the next one in the washer

Checked the garden, and had veggies ready for harvest! yay! tomatoes were red again, the broccoli had made some new baby broccoli heads, DH had tons of peppers on his banana peppers and his jalapenos, and he dead-headed the basil for me and brought some in to use (our basil has gotten enormous, like, waist high on me)

Had a snack (triscuits and cheese, but before I checked the garden, so used store bought tomatoes)

Now time for me & dh to video game before we cook dinner

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