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Are the colleges in your area going to be in person in the fall?


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6 hours ago, bibiche said:

FYI and semi related, here is a list of universities that will require vaccination: https://universitybusiness.com/state-by-state-look-at-colleges-requiring-vaccines/

If you look at the actual policies of the various universities they can be very different. For example, St. Edward's University requires the vaccine, but exemptions include refusal of an FDA emergency use authorized vaccine and an election not to provide vaccination status to the university.

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The CC where I teach is virtual synchronous, virtual asynchronous, hybrid, and in-person this fall. The goal is to be almost completely in-person by spring.  We are not allowed to require vaccination or masks since we are a state school in Texas, but they are going to make daily entry to campus much easier for those vaccinated.  

Our fall schedule is a mess, due to administration deciding AFTER registration was in full swing to try and have more in-person classes.  Before that, our fall schedule was only opening 3 of the 11 campuses for in-person and having very limited offerings. I had volunteered to teach 2 courses in-person at one of the 3 campuses, and had a third virtual synchronous one.  When the announcement came that the college wanted to transition as many courses as possible to in-person, THAT is when everything went haywire.  As a department, we decided that if a course had 5 or fewer registered and the professor desired, it could switch to in-person, and our administrative assistants would contact those students to help them change to another virtual option.  My one virtual class was already full with a waiting list so I can't suddenly tell the students they need to show up in-person at a campus that may or may not be convenient for them.

At the moment, the in-person classes have a lower enrollment cap to allow for distancing.

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