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Coffee tables with drawers

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Just now, Jean in Newcastle said:

What do you keep in the drawers?  (I am reorganizing.   I don't really want them to be junk drawers.) 

Tv remotes. If they are big drawers, board games. 

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TV/electronics remotes

Spare batteries for said remotes so they are there when you need them

Maybe a little notebook with passwords (or password clues) to your various streaming subscriptions, if that's a thing you have, so that when you need to log into it on your TV, you'll know which password you used for it (like, we have a slew of different passwords we use, but can easily abbreviate them in a way that will tell us what they are, but not reveal to anyone else, so when we need to jot them down somewhere that's what we do)

Card games


Books to read

Maybe coloring books/colored pencils

Hair ties (because I keep those everywhere, bc they are never to be found when I need them)

Anything else one might need while at/on the couch (so, a lot depends what you use the room for)



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30 minutes ago, Lecka said:

Nothing.  We have a wicker box for remotes.  

We need a wicker box anyway because of video game remotes.  

I keep trying to come up with something for all the video game remotes, to no avail. The kids & DH insist that their "system" works fine (leaving them on the arms of the couches, on the side tables, etc., etc., etc.,) and refuse any effort at corralling them in one place. 

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Right now our tv stand has sliding doors with shelves, and some controllers can stay in there while they are charging.  Then some can be in the wicker box for easier access.

Ours aren’t always put away, but I like them to be able to be put away.  

And 2 controllers and a remote sitting on a table are okay with me, but not *all the things.*

We used to have different stuff in the tv stand and a smaller tv stand….. we have got games stored on a shelf now, which freed up space in the tv stand.  

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I kept books and dudeling's toys/homeschool stuff that we were working on.  I ended up getting rid of that table because it didn't fit with my current layout.  I miss that table. . .. I also want to go back to that layout.  (my new sofa - considerably smaller - is supposedly coming tomorrow.)

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